Edie Falco on 30 Rock by Nicole Rivelli/NBC Edie Falco on 30 Rock by Nicole Rivelli/NBC

The secret to 30 Rock's guest-casting success? Reversing the formula employed at Saturday Night Live. "With the exception of Jerry Seinfeld, who volunteered [to guest-star] and we leapt at it, every other time we have written the part first and then [cast it]," Tina Fey tells TVGuide.com. "Then it's coming organically from the stories. Doing the reverse of SNL - where you say, 'We have this person. What can we do with them?' - has worked well for us."

What sort of guest stars does the Rock have lined up for Season 2's return on April 10? "Will Arnett is back," Fey confirms, "and Dean Winters will be back.... And I hope Edie Falco will be back," as Jack Donaghy's uberliberal ex-lover.

It was then that I suggested that 30 Rock pull Ashley Dupré out of hiding and engage in some stunt-casting that would put Britney-on- Mother to utter shame. "We should get her!" Fey laughed, before sharing: "Small world - one of our writers used to live in the same apartment building as her. That's New York, everybody!" - MWM