24"All right, but for the record: This is not a good idea." Oh, Edgar. Maybe it's because my inner prime-time radar realizes

The Apprentice is starting back up tonight, but this totally reminds me of the one lame duck on the team who always has to make a preemptive "I told you so" during the challenge, just in case things go south and he's got to do some grandstanding in the boardroom. But then we've got enough larger-than-life personalities to deal with here without bringing the Donald into it. And by "larger than life," clearly I mean

completely raving bonkers. Is it just me, or is watching McGill slowly but surely buckle under the supreme pressure of running CTU... actually kinda fun? Particularly when Curtis finally steps up to the plate and wrests control out of Lynn's puffy, paranoid little hands. This hostile takeover has been brought to you by the top contender for the line of the hour: "What would you like me to do, Mr. Manning?" Way to go, Red Shirt! I hope you earned your SAG card with that gem, 'cause it garnered a full-on "Hell, yeah!" from me. (Look, we all know I'm a monumental dork make your peace with it. Speaking of which, who among the Sunnydale faithful caught the mention of "Jane Espenson" as Audrey's over-the-phone alias? I had no idea Ms. DoD was a closet Buffy fan, but I might actually like her a little better now.) Elsewhere in dialogue heaven: "The president is at a loss for words." Thanks, Mike, but this is unusual how, exactly? And my personal favorite, from the almighty Jack Bauer himself: "How could I be so stupid?" I don't know, dude  I just don't know. You're off screen for a full half hour, giving you just enough time to leap headlong into a big fat trap of catastrophic proportions. It's a good thing you managed to MacGyver your way into a last-minute escape, because next week? The return of both Tony Almeida and long-lost daughter Kim. Well, you win some, you lose some. Chana Shwadlenak