Peter Pan Live! Peter Pan Live!

It's an annual tradition two whole years strong: NBC pulls out some of the stops and puts together a live singalong stage production of a popular musical for all of the Internet to snark at. Last year, it was Nazis versus Carrie Underwood and that guy from True Blood in a live production of The Sound of Music. Thursday, Allison Williams put on the green leather leggings and wig of the boy who never wanted to grow up and Christopher Walkencut off his hand to play Captain Hook in Peter Pan Live! 

Those looking for a spectacle were not disappointed! There were technicolor crocodiles, prosthetic hook-limb fist bumps, very, very old "boys," and ads for a lil' mom-and-pop store called Wal-Mart. Yet as complete and fulfilling as Peter Pan Live! was, we couldn't help but get wonder about a few questions that stuck in our craw. So we put together the 13 questions we had after watching NBC's Peter Pan Live! 

1. How does Human Resources feel about Christopher Walken slapping Allison Williams' ass?


"Many lives (and careers) have been lost here." — Allison Williams, Peter Pan Live!

2. How is it the Lost Boys were dressed by Lacoste and the pirates got stuck with H&M?

3. Why wasn't there more cowbell?

4. Is Tony Award winner Christian Borle, who played Mr. Darling and Smee, that hard up for cash? 

We're expecting his Nashville casting announcement any day now.

5. Is Nana the unsung hero of Peter Pan and we only just now noticed?

6. What is happening with Christian Borle's arms?

Photos don't do it justice, but it's like they were attractive and also grotesque at the same time and it was horribly distracting.

7. Was Tinker Bell always this bitchy?

No seriously, this is a real question. 

8. Who thought giving a tambourine to a man with a hook for a hand was a good idea?


9. Is Wendy a Shoshana, or what?

Tink is totally a Marnie and you know it.

10. What does Rebel Wilson think of the poorly synchronized mermaid dancing?

11. Was this more uncomfortable than that time Marnie sang Kanye West on Girls?

Allison Williams can sing much better than Marnie can sing, but embarrassment is limitless.

12. Did you actually Shazam the songs so you could sing along?

No judgement.

13. How does this make you feel?

Did you watch Peter Pan Live!? What did you think?