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12 Monkeys is about to air its action-packed final season all in the course of just a few weeks, which is great for binge-watchers, but difficult for fans who aren't ready to say goodbye. Goodbyes are coming nevertheless though, and it sure sounds like some of them will be permanent.

"I would say have a stiff drink ready watching this last batch [of episodes]," warns showrunner Terry Matalas. "Look, it's a war story, and we're at the end, and not everyone's going to make it."

Having gotten a peek at Season 4 already, TV Guide can confirm that you'll need that drink (and probably several more) to get you through the bloodbath to come.

It's not all doom and gloom though. The show's time travel component also makes it possible to see a few familiar faces again, even those of dearly departed characters we thought were long gone!

12 Monkeys' 3-hour premiere airs Friday, June 15 at 8/7c on Syfy.

Amanda Schull and Aaron Stanford, <em>12 Monkeys</em>Amanda Schull and Aaron Stanford, 12 Monkeys