10:00 pm Right off the bat, the mystery is solved as to why they are always in random hotels and not at home. Their "house is flooded," as Bobby explains to George Jefferson, I mean, Sherman Hemsley. Sherman's staying at the same hotel in Atlanta but insists on demonstrating a dance called the Slop to Bobby.
10:05 Bobby sings along with himself in the car. The song sounds suspiciously like the show's theme song and Bobby makes reference to his "new single."
10:06 Whitney vogues and then walks over to the hotel pianist and attempts to sing "Send in the Clowns."
10:07 Their dog Dukes gets his own seat at the table and Bobby asks the waiter for some steak tartare for Dukes.
10:08 Whitney farts and blames it on her daughter.
10:09 Whitney pops Bobby's zit and then turns to the camera and goes, "Eww!" Whitney beat me to it.
10:10 The exquisite class continues as Whitney thinks she might have sat in Dukes' poop.
10:11 Absolute highlight of this episode: Whitney sings along to "Shut Up" by the Black Eyed Peas in her car, completely doing it to the camera. After screaming "Shut up!" myself, I had to TiVo back and watch it again.
10:12 The promo for Kathy Griffin's special followed by the promo for her new series, My Life on the D-List. Can't wait. I was in the audience for the taping of the special and hadn't laughed so hard in years. Just wait until you hear what she says about Oprah!
10:28 Whitney ,for the first time during this show, is wearing makeup and has her hair done. What better time for Bobby to suggest that they renew their vows.
10:29 In the final pulsating minute, Whitney says Bobby has "had the runs since yesterday" and she herself has cramps. The waiter brings her Advil, which Whitney pronounces with the accent on the second syllable. Huh?
Whitney then announces she's "about to do the doo" and then puts her hands on her bloating belly.