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Not everything was awesome in 2010. See our least favorites

1 of 10 Bill Matlock/Fox

Lone Star

We were as appalled as anyone when Fox threatened cancellation after just one terribly rated episode of this story of a Texas con man and his two wives. But then we saw the second episode and we didn't mind as much when the network yanked it off the air. Yes, the cinematic pilot was brilliant, but we prefer to think of it as a mini-movie.
2 of 10 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Julianne Moore on 30 Rock

The North Carolina-born actress portrayed Jack Donaghy's former high school pal-turned-fling. The only thing that was flung, though, was Moore's atrocious attempt at a Boston accent. She couldn't pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd if she tried.
3 of 10 ABC

My Generation

This ABC drama's documentary-framing device seemed like an ambitious and semi-fresh idea, but the twentysomethings the show was trying to target just didn't tune in. (The show was canceled after two episodes.) We'd have been upset that the promos gave away a juicy plot (the high school nerd ended up having the popular guy's baby) except that story, like the rest, wasn't that interesting.
4 of 10 Monty Brinton/CBS

Eliza Dushku on The Big Bang Theory

Following appearances by geek goddesses Katee Sackhoff and Summer Glau, viewers expected to be wowed by the Buffy alum's guest stint. Unfortunately, there was more of Dollhouse's Echo than Buffy's Faith in the character: She was dead in the eye and as stiff as a pirate's leg.
5 of 10 Prashant Gupta/FX

Sons of Anarchy's Almost Incest

We knew the second Jax and Trinity met in Belfast that there was a certain chemistry between them. But we didn't think the show would have them hook up because, you know, they're half-siblings. Luckily, their respective mothers caught them making out and stopped them from making a "three-headed grandbaby." We could have done without the whole thing.
6 of 10 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Chelsea Handler Hosting the VMAs

After two years of Russell Brand, we were eager to see the Chelsea Lately host bring her brand of comedy to the VMAs. But what she ended up bringing were a number of stale jokes and even worse sketches. Whatever points she scored with her auto-tuned conversation with Jason Derulo she flushed by getting in a hot tub with the cast of Jersey Shore (and getting pregnant in the process).
7 of 10 HBO

Sasha Grey on Entourage

Porn star-turned-actress Sasha Grey's monotone portrayal of herself left nothing to be desired. She tried too hard to portray the Yoko Ono of the entourage, introducing Vince to heavy drugs and causing him to go off the rails. And, Sasha, nudity isn't acting!
8 of 10 NBC

Law & Order's Series Finale

After 20 long seasons, the flagship series bid farewell in an episode that was never meant to be its last. After NBC unceremoniously canceled the series — it was so close to beating Gunsmoke for the longest-running TV drama — the show ended just like every other episode. Any information left unsaid never mattered anyway.
9 of 10 Adam Larkey/ABC

Brothers & Sisters' Amnesia Story Line

It’s getting harder and harder to remember why the Walkers and their late father’s scheming mistress continue to tolerate each other, so I guess it’s fitting that they went and gave Holly amnesia. In the plot resolution of our dreams, in the season finale, Holly will regain her memory, ask herself, “What am I doing on this show?” and promptly move to Santa Fe, N.M., to make turquoise jewelry. Patricia Wettig deserves better.
10 of 10 Michael Desmond/CBS

$#*! My Dad Says

What's funny online clearly doesn't always translate on-screen. The Twitter feed works because it's nothing but context-free punch lines. The context added by the show just isn't funny. William Shatner makes the most of this mess. We'd rather watch him in the Priceline commercials.