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We matched up the cast of Twilight with supernatural hotties from our favorite shows

1 of 12 Summit Entertainment


Forget Edward and Jacob. What if Twilight's Bella were to cross paths with Eric Northman or Damon Salvatore? We pair Fork's most-eligible vamps and werewolves with other sexy supernaturals from our favorite TV shows, including Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Teen Wolf and Supernatural.
2 of 12 Summit Entertainment; Justin Stephens/The CW

Jacob (Twilight) - Elena (Vampire Diaries)

Elena is so the Bella of Vampire Diaries. Of course Jacob is going to fall for her. Plus: The girl already knows a thing or two about love triangles.
3 of 12 Summit Entertainment; HBO

Bella (Twilight) - Eric (True Blood)

Edward's always done his best to repress Bella's wilder tendencies, but it's time someone let this girl go wild! And who better than Eric to help free Bella of those pesky inhibitions?
4 of 12 Summit Entertainment; Justin Stephens/The CW

Edward (Twilight) - Rebekah (Vampire Diaries)

Rebekah really needs a hug. She's been manipulated and hurt by so many men over the course of her 11 centuries of life; all she wants is to be taken to the high school dance! Edward is quite a romantic and knows how to treat a lady.
5 of 12 Summit Entertainment; Jack Rowand/The CW

Alice (Twilight) - Castiel (Supernatural)

Alice has a knack with emotionally stunted men (hey, Jasper!) and we'd love to see her turn her charms on Castiel next. And while Alice might be able to see the future, Cas can actually take her there! These two quirky characters are made for each other, if you ask us.
6 of 12 Summit Entertainment; Justin Stephens/The CW

Rosalie (Twilight) - Damon (Vampire Diaries)

Of all the Cullen siblings, Rosalie is the most standoffish. Similarly, Damon can be a tough nut to crack, so maybe together, love would bloom. Plus: Rosalie could really use some of Damon's one-liners in her life.
7 of 12 Summit Entertainment; Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW

Emmet (Twilight) - Caroline (Vampire Diaries)

Well, first of all, they're both hot. But Emmett needs a woman who can stand up for herself. Together they'd have a lot of fun – and cute vamp babies.
8 of 12 Summit Entertainment; HBO

Jasper (Twilight) - Sookie (True Blood)

After failed romances with everyone from Bill to Eric to Alcide, we think Jasper would be the perfect mix of Southern gentleman, sex icon and skilled warrior that Sookie craves.
9 of 12 Summit Entertainment; MTV

Leah (Twilight) - Scott (Teen Wolf)

Sweet newbie werewolf Scott would be a great companion for Leah, giving her someone to talk to outside of her male-dominated pack.
10 of 12 Summit Entertainment;Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW

Victoria (Twilight) - Klaus (Vampire Diaries)

It's a no-brainer to pair up the biggest bad guys from the Twilight and Vampire Diaries franchises. Just think about how awesome their dinner parties would be!
11 of 12 Summit Entertainment; HBO

James (Twilight) - Tara (True Blood)

Tara has always been a bit of a bad girl, so how great would it be to see the new vamp explore her dark side with James? This couple would blur the line between pleasure and pain in ways we can't even imagine.
12 of 12 Summit Entertainment; Michael Courtney/The CW

Aro (Twilight) - Meg Masters Demon (Supernatural)

Are they good? Are they evil? When it comes to Aro and Meg, who knows! The vampire and demon might not have the most reliable morals, but they both have the undeniable ability to kick butt. Together, they'd be unstoppable.