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So. Much. Skin.

1 of 24 HBO

Game of Thrones

Who hasn't gotten naked yet on this show?

2 of 24 Jessica Miglio/Netflix

Orange is the New Black

The award-winning Netflix show is known for two things: powerful performances and prison sex.

3 of 24 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The Americans

A lot of things happen under the covers while the spy couple is undercover.

4 of 24 Warner Home Video


This show is, well, shameless when it comes to showcasing revealing sex scenes.

5 of 24 Warner Home Video

The Vampire Diaries

You won't see full nudity on The CW but there's still plenty of vampire love bites and shirtless Ian Somerhalder.

6 of 24 VH1

Dating Naked

In this reality series, single people strip down in an exotic location to go on first dates.

7 of 24 Daniel Daza/Netflix


The gritty Netflix drama about drug kingpins still makes time for plenty of whoopee.

8 of 24 BET

Being Mary Jane

This BET series features racy self-love scenes and steamy shower sex, among other things.

9 of 24 Starz!


From kinky foreplay to consensual rough play, this skintillating series is H-O-T.

10 of 24 Starz!


The stars of Power strip down frequently. There has even been an appearance from 50 Cent's... package.

11 of 24 Discovery Channel

Naked and Afraid

Two survivalists are sent into the wilderness Adam and Eve-style in this very, very naked reality series.

12 of 24 The CW


Who can forget that episode where King Henry thrust a woman out of a window while doing the nasty? Or when a crowd of people watched Francis and Mary's consummation?

13 of 24 John P. Johnson/HBO


Full-frontal nudity, group-sex scenes and robot necrophilia are all places this series is willing to go, and it's only one season in!

14 of 24 Hulu


This Hulu original series about sex workers in the 18th century ditches petticoats for plenty of nudity.

15 of 24 Steven Lippman/Showtime

The Affair

Full-frontal male nudity is still a rare occurrence on television, but The Affair has shown a full... um... you know...

16 of 24 HBO


There's a reason why it's called Ballers.

17 of 24 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

American Horror Story

No matter the season on this dark anthology series, American Horror Story isn't afraid to get freaky.

18 of 24 Craig Blankenhorn/HBO


The critically acclaimed series, still streamable on HBO Go and HBO Now, features a variety of sex scenes, topless friends hanging out, and plenty of naked Lena Dunham.

19 of 24 Amazon

I Love Dick

Dick (Kevin Bacon) is an object of desire in the Amazon series and has appeared totally nude in fantasy sex scenes.

20 of 24 Justina Mintz/HBO


Issa Rae's comedy series has featured several nude encounters between characters, including a ménage à trois in Season 2.

21 of 24 Hulu

The Handmaid's Tale

The hard-to-watch, clothed sex scenes are one thing. But who can forget the uninhibited, lustful hookup between Offred (Elisabeth Moss) and Nick (Max Minghella)?

22 of 24 Van Redin/HBO

The Leftovers

Is there full-frontal male nudity on The Leftovers? You better believe there's full-frontal male nudity on The Leftovers.

23 of 24 Warner Home Video

True Blood

Vampires. Fairies. Werewolves. The supernatural characters are not above stripping down for the steamy HBO series, now streaming.

24 of 24 FXX Network

You're the Worst

Gretchen and Jimmy (Aya Cash and Chris Gere) have engaged in some rather raunchy lovemaking scenes.