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There's quite a few familiar faces TV fans won't be seeing again next fall. We reflect on the TV characters we lost this year, as well as the actors that fell victim to behind-the-scenes drama.

1 of 17 Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Little J, Gossip Girl

Raccoon Eyes has wanted off the show since she became, well, Raccoon Eyes. Little J, formerly Dan's sweet sister Jenny, got to go bad, chasing after Blair's Upper East Side crown -- but apparently not bad enough for singer-actress Taylor Momsen, who just can't stop talking about how edgy she is in real life! Momsen's bratty behavior made Tim Gunn wince, and relegated her character to the sidelines for most of the past season and a half. At the end of Season 4, she was written off the show for good. Buh-bye, Little J. Can't say we'll miss you.
2 of 17 Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

Charlie Harper, Two and a Half Men

Since Men was inspired by Charlie Sheen's real-life, hard-partying exploits, it's only fitting that his off-screen antics — and less-than-kind remarks about creator Chuck Lorre — got him fired and then replaced by Ashton Kutcher for the next season. Season 8 ended with Charlie Harper contemplating proposing to his girlfriend Rose in Paris. Hmm, guess we can figure out how he may be written out next season. Given the pending lawsuit and all.
3 of 17 Adam Taylor/Fox

Lisa Cuddy, House

Cuddy put up with loads of crap from Dr. House, first as his boss and then as his girlfriend at the beginning of Season 7. The duo's relationship was strained after their breakup, which culminated with House driving his car through Cuddy's house in a fit of jealousy. Safe to say, she won't be around much — especially since Lisa Edelstein has announced her exit at the end of Season 7. It's unknown if she will return, but we're holding out hope for a proper goodbye.
4 of 17 Carin Baer/Fox

Terri Schuester, Glee

Poor, maligned Terri never stood a chance once hubby Will got his groove back with McKinley High's glee club. What's a neglected high school sweetheart to do? Fake a pregnancy of course! Everything Terri has done has been out of love for Will, but that rat has had a restless roving eye for his fair faculty members. Although it was buzzed that Terri was supposed to get her own love interest in Season 2, she made an abrupt exit to manage a Sheets-N-Things in Miami in the finale. She could be back, although it doesn't seem likely considering her departure felt like a too-convenient afterthought.
5 of 17 Michael Becker/Fox

Vincent Nigel-Murray, Bones

Mr. Nigel-Murray joined the team in Season 4 as one of several replacements for Jeffersonian assistant Zack Addy. But it was only after Vincent was shot by sniper Jacob Broadsky did we learn that he was Dr. Brennan's favorite squintern. Although we mourn the loss, we take solace in two truths: 1) His memory will live on through Angela and Hodgins' baby, and 2) His death finally got Brennan and Booth into the sack together!
6 of 17 The CW

Debbie Wilson, 90210

As one of the only adult characters on the show, Debbie was usually relegated to the sidelines story-wise, unless she was scolding one of her kids or accusing her husband Harry of cheating. When she and her husband separated, Debbie became involved with the other over-18 character, teacher Ryan Matthews (in the bathroom — classy!). They were written off the show together when they ran off to find romantic bathrooms elsewhere in the world.
7 of 17 Neil Jacobs/CBS

Governor Pat Jameson, Hawaii Five-0

The governor was the force behind Steve McGarrett putting together the elite 5-0 task force that could circumvent red tape. That makes her betrayal by allying herself with McGarrett's nemesis -- crime lord Wo Fat -- in the Season 1 finale all the more bewildering and brutal. Equally brutal was the way she left the show, shot by Wo Fat himself. Considering the show is set in a realistic Hawaii and not The Island on Lost, the governor probably won't be back unless it's in flashbacks.
8 of 17 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Michael Scott, The Office

To be fair, he did warn us. Actor Steve Carell first told the media last July he intended to leave the series at the end of Season 7 (to focus on his movie career), but that didn't take the sting off of losing the world's best boss. After Michael moved to Colorado with his fianc´e Holly, a slew of guest stars including Will Ferrell, Ray Romano and Ricky Gervais tried to take his place. But after losing the main character must the show really go on?
9 of 17 Ron Tom/ABC

Naomi Bennett, Private Practice

Naomi had been Addison’s sounding board since the start, but their friendship became strained when Addison began dating Sam, Naomi's ex-husband. Disullusioned with the practice, Naomi decided to take custody of Dell's daughter and start over with Fife in New York. Fittingly, actress Audra McDonald also left the series to spend more time with family, but may return as a guest star.
10 of 17 Adam Larkey/ABC

Captain Roy Montgomery, Castle

Captain Montgomery always had Beckett and Castle's backs when they went too far. But as we learned in the Season 3 finale, that's because he mentored Beckett out of guilt — as a young cop, he assisted in the kidnapping of a mob boss that ultimately led to Beckett's mother's murder. Those choices ultimately caught up to Roy, but he found redemption by making the ultimate sacrifice: He gave his own life to protect Beckett.
11 of 17 Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Vanessa, Gossip Girl

Was Vanessa always doomed? Between her holier-than-thou 'tude toward the social intrigues of Serena and her gang and the show's insistence on keeping her in unmanageable hippie hair, it sure feels like it. For a moment, she was paired with series himbo Nate, but that didn't last, because it's Serena's world, and Vanessa never really fit in it. Now, Jessica Szohr's been ousted alongside Taylor Momsen's Little J. Sorry gals, the Upper East Side just vanquished all the haters.
12 of 17 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Mike Franks, NCIS

Although he wasn't a series regular, Mike Franks' imprint is all over Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The two initially bonded when Franks helped Gibbs find the man responsible for the murder of his wife and kids, and Gibbs would still call on his mentor from time to time. Unfortunately, their last call got Mike killed, as the Port-to-Port Killer stabbed him outside Gibbs' house. The loss will have a major impact on Gibbs.
13 of 17 Randy Holmes/ABC

Lucy Fields, Grey’s Anatomy

Introduced in Season 7, Lucy was vital to the Callie-Mark-Arizona pregnancy storyline. While dealing with the challenging tri-parenting situation, Lucy formed a bond with Alex, a relationship that helped him get over Izzie. Sadly, miscommunication and bad timing prematurely ended their fling, freeing Lucy to take a job in Africa — and actress Rachael Taylor to join ABC’s Charlie’s Angels reboot.
14 of 17 Adam Larkey/ABC

Emily Prentiss, Criminal Minds

After CBS demoted her and then un-demoted her, Paget Brewster decided to leave, and Prentiss was written out with a super-spy, super-butt-kicking arc in which she "died" at the hands of Ian Doyle, the IRA baddie from her Interpol past. Only Hotch and JJ know Prentiss is still alive — with a new identity — leaving the door open for Prentiss, who has an option to return full-time next season.
15 of 17 Michael Desmond/The CW

Ryan Matthews, 90210

What a difference a few seasons make. In Season 1, Ryan was caught in a love triangle with Kelly and Brenda and by the end of Season 3, actor Ryan Eggold's contract wasn't renewed so that the series could focus more on the kids. But at least before he exited to pursue a relationship with Debbie Wilson, Ryan fathered a son and was able to turn his slacker life around.
16 of 17 Danny Feld/ABC

Felicia Tilman, Desperate Housewives

Many thought they had seen the last of Martha Huber's scorned sister when she cut off two of her fingers to frame Paul for her murder. But Felicia returned to Wisteria Lane in Season 7 to get revenge on Paul for her late daughter. Her plan to poison him backfired and she met her maker on her way out of town when she ran into a truck. It was an anticlimactic end, but fans were ready to say goodbye.
17 of 17 Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Jenna Sommers, Vampire Diaries

For almost two seasons Jenna was blissfully unaware of the supernatural world around her, but just as she learned what was really going on in Mystic Falls, Jenna was turned into a vampire. With barely any time to process this new development, Elena and Jeremy's guardian was sadly used as a sacrifice and staked to death by Klaus. But as we saw in the finale, dead never means a character is gone for good.