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To celebrate the show's 100th episode, see if you can figure out some the most memorable patients' ailments

Shaun Harrison
1 of 16 Robert Voets/Fox


The patient is suffering from a blazing fever, has demonstrated an irrational fear of water and even bit a doctor. What's your diagnosis? A. Diabetes B. Rabies C. Neurocysticercosis
2 of 16 Paul Drinkwater/Fox

Answer: Rabies

In Season 1's "Histories," a homeless woman with a 105-degree temperature is put in an ice bath, but freaks out about the water — a common symptom of rabies. She contracted the disease from living in a box infested with bats.
3 of 16 Scott Garfield/Fox


The patient is obese and complains of chest pains before collapsing. She also is showing hypoglycemic symptoms. What's your diagnosis? A. Cushing's disease B. Streptococcal infection C. Phosmet poisoning
4 of 16 Carin Baer/Fox

Answer: Cushing's disease

In the Season 1 episode "Heavy," the team theorizes their obese 10-year-old patient was suffering from something weight-related, but House later concludes she has Cushing's Disease. Her obesity is just a symptom of the endocrine disorder.
5 of 16 Dean Hendler/Fox


The patient experiences double vision, nausea and sudden aggressive behavior. During tests and treatments, the patient begins to suffer from anterograde amnesia. What's your diagnosis? A. Testicular cancer androgen insensitivity syndrome B. Post-traumatic stress disorder C. Gold sodium thiomalate poisoning
6 of 16 courtesy Fox

Answer: Testicular cancer androgen insensitivity syndrome

In Season 2's "Skin Deep," a teen model is admitted after experiencing disorientation on the runway and lashing out at a fellow model. She later begins to experience anterograde amnesia. House thinks cancer, but no tumor is found — that is until House realizes the tumor is located in the patients undropped testes. She is really a he.
7 of 16 Isabella Vosmikova/F


The patient is sent into cardiogenic shock after a hallucination, but tests reveal nothing is wrong with her heart. There is no sign of drug use or infection, but before you know it, a black goo begins oozing from her mouth. What's your diagnosis? A. Arrhythmia B. Pellagra C. Haemochromatosis
8 of 16 courtesy Fox

Answer: Haemochromatosis

Season 2's "Who's Your Daddy?" featured a 16-year-old Hurricane Katrina victim who has hallucinations that make her heart race and suddenly stop. Tests show her heart is normal, but when black goo begins to excrete from her mouth, House realizes she is suffering from Haemochromatosis, which is disrupting her organ function and causes reverse peristalsis, which explains her waste exiting the wrong end.
9 of 16 Greg Gayne/Fox


The patient suffers from rectal bleeding and hallucinations. Sexual abuse has been ruled out, but the DNA taken from his body doesn't match the DNA taken from his heart. What's your diagnosis? A. Addison's disease B. Amyloidosis C. Chimerism
10 of 16 Greg Gayne/Fox

Answer: Chimerism

In Season 3's "Cane and Able," a 7-year-old is admitted with rectal bleeding and is convinced he is being tortured by aliens. The tests reveal inconsistencies in his DNA. House diagnoses the child with chimerism which is the absorption of a twin in the womb. This absorption left dead cells in the patient's brain, which caused the hallucinations.
11 of 16 Greg Gayne/Fox


The patient has lost the ability to make decisions or exercise will because of a lack of blood to the brain. Tox screens are clear, but as symptoms worsen, her organs begin to shut down. What's your diagnosis? A. Lyme disease B. Staphylococcus aureus infection C. Histoplasmosis
12 of 16 courtesy Fox

Answer: Staphylococcus aureus infection

In Season 3's "House Training," a scam artist is admitted after passing out and losing the ability to make decisions on her own. When drugs are ruled out, Foreman orders radiation, but the treatment ultimately destroys her immune system. Though it's too late, House discovers a scratch from her bra hook caused a staph infection — the root of all the problems.
13 of 16 Adam Taylor/Fox


The patient experiences hallucinations during a seizure, and the hallucinations continue at the hospital. She also develops wounds on her arms, an enlarged spleen and a necrotic liver. What's your diagnosis? A. Mad cow disease B. Epilepsy C. Ergot Poisoning
14 of 16 Trae Patton/Fox

Answer: Ergot poisoning

In Season 4's "Guardian Angels," a funeral-home cosmetician is admitted after suffering a seizure and delusional hallucinations. Amber discovers the patient is suffering from ergot poisoning, which is causing LCD-like hallucinations. The problem stemmed from mold in the patient's organic bread.
15 of 16 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox


The patient experiences a tonic-clonic seizure, suffers from low potassium and cannot produce tears or salvia. What's your diagnosis? A. Melioidosis B. Sjögren's syndrome C. Lead poisoning
16 of 16 Adam Taylor/Fox

Answer: Sjögren's syndrome

In Season 5's "Lucky Thirteen," Thirteen's one-night stand suffers a seizure and is admitted with a medical history a mile long. More symptoms arise, but House notices she is unable to produce tears or salvia — a symptom of Sjögren's syndrome, which affects multiple organs.