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Shaun Harrison
1 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


8) Comfort: Her impressive hip-hop performance last week was enough to keep her in the competition, but her charm will probably wear thin this week. According to our poll, it already has.
2 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


7) Courtney: She took a lot of heat last week for her hip-hop piece, but she won quite a few people back with her sexy rumba. Even so, against favorites Chelsie and Katee, she'll probably find herself in the bottom two girls.
3 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


6) Twitch: He killed the hip-hop routine last week, but his smooth jazz piece put him in danger. If he gets another style he's uncomfortable with, he'll probably find himself facing elimination. If so, will his solo save him or has his popularity run out
4 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


5) Mark: Without a character, he can find himself adrift, and his quirky style isn't appreciated by everyone. After barely escaping elimination last week, his time might be up. But maybe he'll dance two character-driven pieces for his blaze of glory.
5 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


4) Chelsie: Last week's ballroom solo number just didn't cut it. She's performed very strongly in all her partner routines, and she's got what it takes to be one of the top two girls - if her personality isn't starting to rub some people the wrong way.
6 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


3) Joshua: He impresses us every week by demonstrating how quickly he can master most new styles, and he's always superb in his own. His rolling hips and cute smile don't hurt either.
7 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


2) Katee: Her lines are beautiful, and her technique is almost flawless. Her pairing with Will last week was even better than her pairing with Joshua, but no matter who she dances with, she always shines.
8 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


1) Will: Although he had a small stumble in last week's pas de deux, Will is still the clear favorite. As long as he keeps dancing beautifully and showing us his winning personality, he'll be in the finals.