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Shaun Harrison
1 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


10) Comfort: Replacing an ailing Jessica, Comfort is back, but as Mia has said, personality doesn't make up for lack of technique. Her reprieve may be short-lived, and whatever guy gets partnered with her had better make sure his dancing is superb.
2 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


9) Gev: Surprisingly versatile for a break dancer, Gev shows his range every week. He's only found himself in the bottom three once, and he more than proved himself with his solo. But are fans ready for him to "break" out of the running
3 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


8) Courtney: Her likability and performance can't keep overriding the fact that she's a weaker dancer than the others. It's obvious that she, like her former partner Gev, don't have as much support on our site.
4 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


7) Kherington: She found herself in the bottom three for the first time after Twitchington's snoozefest of a jazz piece. That said, Kherington is usually a joy to watch. Voters don't seem to love her as much as the judges do, so are her days numbered
5 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


6) Mark: His quirkiness could be the reason Mark didn't rank a little higher. If you give him a character to play, Mark is a brilliant dancer, but he's stumbled when that strong story arc isn't in the choreography.
6 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


5) Twitch: His technique in his own style is amazing, and as Nigel said last week, perhaps Twitch's time in the bottom three will wake people up. His popularity should keep him in the game for a while, unless his technique stumbles badly again.
7 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


4) Chelsie: Her partnership with Mark has been great, but it'll be interesting to see how she does with another partner. Her versatility allows her to pick up almost any style and do well, and it's that grasp of all the genres that could take her far.
8 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


3) Joshua: He's surprisingly versatile for a hip-hopper. Look no further than his Bollywood piece for proof. He's a little weak in some of the ballroom genres, but with his rising popularity, it almost doesn't matter. Look for him at the end.
9 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


2) Katee: She's a superb dancer, and her pairing with Joshua has been heaven. The deciding factor will be whether or not she will connect with her new partner. It could be magic, or it could be a major disappointment.
10 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


1) Will: Jessica was clearly holding Will back. He was a little over the top during his disco piece, but otherwise his technique has been flawless. He's the early favorite in our poll - could he go all the way