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They will make you want to play the field.

1 of 33 Splash

Reggie Bush, San Francisco 49ers

Thankfully Reggie Bush escaped the Kardashian curse. He remains one of the hottest and most talented running backs in the game.

2 of 33 Corbis

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is giving Tom Brady a run for his money in the contest for best-looking quarterback in the NFL.

3 of 33 Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Wes Welker

Fans (and defenders) everywhere are mesmerized by Wes Welker's dazzling blue eyes.

4 of 33 Corbis

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Quarterback Cam Newton is oh-so-swoonworthy.

5 of 33 Splash

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Quarterback Tom Brady's looks are never deflated. Good work, Gisele.

6 of 33 Corbis

Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers

Not sure how to get your Clay Matthews fix if The Pack are on a bye week? Just watch Pitch Perfect 2. You're welcome.

7 of 33 Splash

Victor Cruz, New York Giants

On the field, Victor Cruz makes plays as a wide receiver. Off the field, he breaks hearts with his dashing good looks.

8 of 33 Splash

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

How can you not love The Gronk? He's everyone's favorite tight end.

9 of 33 Corbis

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is so cute it hurts.

10 of 33 Corbis

Eric Decker, New York Jets

Eric Decker is a wide receiver for the New York Jets. He's also dangerously good looking.

11 of 33 Corbis

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Quarterback Tony Romo may be off the field for a few weeks due to an injury, but he's still in our hearts.

12 of 33 Splash

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson is cute enough to score points on the field while scoring (if not technically) with R&B beauties such as Ciara.

13 of 33 Corbis

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers

No matter how wide receiver Antonio Brown chooses to wear his hair, he rocks it so well.

14 of 33 Corbis

Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson has always been hot, and the running back's looks continue to improve with age.

15 of 33 Corbis

Arian Foster, Houston Texans

Running back Arian Foster is our hero.

16 of 33 Splash

Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

Wide receiver Julian Edelman fuels the argument that the Patriots are the most attractive team in the league.

17 of 33 Corbis

Brian Cushing, Houston Texans

Praise the football gods that Brian Cushing is built like a linebacker. Translation: His body is drool-worthy.

18 of 33 Splash

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow won a Heisman back in 2007, but where's his award for being so darn hot?

19 of 33 Corbis

Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson is a wide receiver who cleans up so nicely.

20 of 33 Corbis

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Saints quarterback Drew Brees is a quite a catch. Pun intended.

21 of 33 Splash

J.J. Watt, Houston Texans

Defensive end J.J. Watt is currently one of the hottest players in the game. He's also really great at football.

22 of 33 Corbis

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Might we remind you that this good-looking quarterback is also an extremely intelligent Stanford grad.

23 of 33 Corbis

Greg Jennings, Miami Dolphins

Greg Jennings. Wide receiver. Huge hottie.

24 of 33 Corbis

Hakeem Nicks

There's surely no shortage of volunteers vying to practice new positions with free agent Hakeem Nicks.

25 of 33 Corbis

Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

This tight end sure looks good in blue. No doubt he also looks great out of it.

26 of 33 Corbis

Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman is a (super attractive) free agent. Where is the sign up sheet for courting this baller?

27 of 33 Corbis

Mark Sanchez, Philadelphia Eagles

He may have been the butt of everyone's jokes for awhile, but redemption is easy when you look as good as Mark Sanchez does.

28 of 33 Corbis

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his wife, Lauren, are so cute together. Jealousy is inevitable.

29 of 33 Splash

Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers

Vernon Davis is a tight end with an infectious smile. We can't get enough.

30 of 33 Michael Kovac, Getty Images for GQ

Miles Austin, Philidelphia Eagles

Wide receiver Miles Austin is bringing sweetie-pie cuteness back to football.

31 of 33 Jim Rogash, Getty Images

Danny Amendola, New England Patriots

Oh Danny. You can't hide all that sexy under a Patriots hoodie.

32 of 33 Mark Kolbe, Getty Images

Jarryd Hayne, San Francisco 49ers

Whether he's playing rugby or football, Jarryd Hayne is a major hottie.

33 of 33 Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Devon Still

Devoted father Devon Still's adorable relationship with his daughter, Leah, makes him even sexier.