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It doesn't get more adorable than Disney.

1 of 33 Walt Disney


Oh, hello! What's that under there? Just the most adorable characters ever animated. The cutest characters in film hail from Disney. And -- for this list, at least -- we're talking strictly Disney. For your Pixar fix, head here.

2 of 33 Walt Disney

Dumbo, Dumbo

If you didn't cry over the cuteness of Dumbo being rocked in his mother's trunk, it's possible you have no soul.

3 of 33 Walt Disney

Baymax, Big Hero 6

Hiro couldn't have asked for a better pal than the gentle inflatable giant, Baymax.

4 of 33 Walt Disney

Chip, Beauty and the Beast

Chip is a prime example of how our flaws can make us more lovable.

5 of 33 Walt Disney

QBert, Wreck-It Ralph

Tiny, pitiful game character alert! QBert is one precious pile of pixels.

6 of 33 Walt Disney

Flounder, The Little Mermaid

Ariel's main fin is the most lovable of guppies.

7 of 33 Walt Disney

Stitch, Lilo and Stitch

The incomparable Stitch! He's otherworldly cute.

8 of 33 Walt Disney

Dopey, Snow White

He's a dwarf of few words, but oration is not what makes him a sweetheart. Snow White is lucky to call Dopey a dear friend.

9 of 33 Walt Disney

Lady, Lady and the Tramp

Sure, she's lovely when she meets the Tramp. But little Lady is also the cutest cocker spaniel to grace the screen.

10 of 33 Walt Disney

Olaf, Frozen

Bouncy, goofy Olaf ups the warm-and-cuddly quotient among the frosty fjords. His (new) buddy Sven brings even more adorable action to Frozen as well.

11 of 33 Walt Disney

The Dormouse, Alice in Wonderland

Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland is charming in a sort of ... intoxicating way.

12 of 33 Walt Disney

Oliver, Oliver and Company

Little kitty lost in the big city? Oliver has our vote for one of the cutest and cuddliest Disney has to offer.

13 of 33 Walt Disney

Penguins, Mary Poppins

Penguins! They dance, they sing, and they're always dressed to impress.

14 of 33 Walt Disney

Thumper, Bambi

We only have nice things to say about Thumper, and we'll say them all the time.

15 of 33 Walt Disney

Abu, Aladdin

His street-rat status doesn't keep Abu from being the most delightful of rascals.

16 of 33 Walt Disney

Hathi, Jr., The Jungle Book

Hathi, Jr. does his best to follow his dad's wishes, but meeting a strange new friend in Mowgli is too cool for him to pass up. We think that's just plain adorable.

17 of 33 Walt Disney

Penny, One Hundred and One Dalmatians

One of Pongo and Perdita's original 15 puppies, Penny is whip-smart and dainty, key criteria for a cute Disney character.

18 of 33 Walt Disney

Baby Simba, The Lion King

What's cuter than a baby lion? Nothing, that's what.

19 of 33 Walt Disney

Cri-Kee, Mulan

Someone asked Mushu who the cutest character in Mulan is. Good answer. It's Cri-Kee.

20 of 33 Walt Disney

Cooper and Todd, The Fox and the Hound

Todd and Cooper. The bestest friends that never should have been make the most heartwarming of twosomes.

21 of 33 Walt Disney

Louis, The Princess and the Frog

Jazz-gator Louis is a bumbling simpleton with a heart almost as big as he is.

22 of 33 Walt Disney

Marie, The Aristocats

Prissy little Marie is so darling you almost forget how bougie she is.

23 of 33 Walt Disney

Pascal, Tangled

It's easy to see why it's tough for Rapunzel to take protective Pascal's warnings seriously. He's just so little and cute!

24 of 33 Walt Disney

Chaca and Tipo, The Emperor's New Groove

It's clear with just one look at Chaca's pigtails and Tipo's plump cheeks: Pacha's kids are the cutest human Disney characters ever.

25 of 33 Walt Disney

Baby Pegasus, Hercules

Even mythological creatures are adorable as babies!

26 of 33 Walt Disney

Rufus, The Rescuers

Not all cute characters are babies! Rufus is purrfectly precious in his old age.

27 of 33 Walt Disney

The forest animals in Sleeping Beauty

An assortment of singing wilderness creatures? Yeah, that's good for cute points.

28 of 33 Walt Disney

The forest animals in Snow White

Yep. Delightful furry friends are great no matter what movie they pop up in.

29 of 33 Walt Disney

Toby, The Great Mouse Detective

Clumsy Toby is a welcome assistant for any great detective, mouse or otherwise.

30 of 33 Walt Disney

Tigger, Winnie the Pooh

T-I-double "guh"-errrrr spells "cute."

31 of 33 Walt Disney

Meeko, Pocahontas

Oh, Meeko. Savage? No. Scavenger? Yes. Cute? Most definitely.

32 of 33 Walt Disney

Merlin and Arthur as squirrels, The Sword in the Stone

Merlin morphs himself and young Arthur into several animals. Their cutest Camelot animorph period was definitely the squirrel phase.

33 of 33 Walt Disney

The Dragon, Pete's Dragon

Pete's dragon buddy is the cutest Passamaquoddy has ever seen. Heck, he's the cutest dragon seen anywhere!