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See shows both good and bad that got revamped stateside

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From MTV's Skins to Syfy's Being Human, several famous U.K. hits have flown across the pond this winter in the form of American adaptations. Will these new entries be the next big hit or lost in translation? Here’s a look at some other British-to-American adaptations.
2 of 16 BBC/Showtime


Adapted from: Shameless Aside from moving the setting from Manchester to Chicago and softening some of the original's cruder humor, Shameless has largely stayed true to its roots. The drama has been a hit with viewers so far.
3 of 16 BBC, Syfy

Being Human

Adapted from: Being Human America's take on the BBC supernatural series has been criticized for focusing too much on the drama and not enough on the comedy. Only time will tell if the U.S. version can find its footing and compete with the likes of The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.
4 of 16 BBC

Eleventh Hour

Adapted from: Eleventh Hour The heavily science-based procedural, starring Patrick Stewart, spanned just four 90-minute episodes in the United Kingdom. The American adaptation lasted 18 episodes.
5 of 16 BBC/Everett Collection

Men Behaving Badly

Adapted from: Men Behaving Badly The original still ranks as one of the top British sitcoms of all time. Reaction to the U.S. version was much more divided, attracting men and alienating women. Following a major cast shake-up, the show was axed in Season 2.
6 of 16 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

The Office

Adapted from: The Office The Dunder Mifflin crew got off to a rocky start stateside, perhaps because the show was initially too faithful to Ricky Gervais' British original. However, once the show blazed its own trail, it quickly became one of TV's most reliably funny half hours and the centerpiece of NBC's comedy night.
7 of 16 Eric Liebowitz/ABC; EMPICS/Landov

Life on Mars

Adapted from: Life on Mars The U.S. version earned positive reviews for its cast (Michael Imperioli, Harvey Keitel) and depiction of the '70s. But the adaptation lacked the subtly that made the time-traveling narrative so compelling. The series was canceled after one season.
8 of 16 Everett Collection

All in the Family

Adapted from: 'Til Death Do Us Part Archie Bunker is a staple of American pop culture, but the racist and misogynistic patriarch was simply our version of Warren Mitchell, a bigot constantly at odds with his socialist son.
9 of 16 Everett Collection

Sanford and Son

Adapted from: Steptoe and Son This Redd Foxx vehicle focused on a old junk dealer living (and arguing) with his son. The father-son dynamic differed in the British version, which saw the father trying keep his ambitious son at home.
10 of 16 Everett Collection


Adapted from: One Foot in the Grave This show about a grumpy man forced into unwanted early retirment was pretty true to its predecessor in the U.K. Unfortunately, American viewers expecting a Cosby Show sequel were majorly disappointed.
11 of 16 Everett Collection

Three's Company

Adapted from: Man About the House One of the most successful adaptations from across the pond, this series was also one of the more faithful. The one-guy, two-girl premise was identical, as were characters like landlord Mr. Roper.
12 of 16 Everett Collection

Dear John

Adapted from: Dear John Though not considered by many to be a classic, this Judd Hirsch starrer took the British premise of a recently dumped man in a support group and made it last four years. The BBC version was pulled after only one.
13 of 16 American Idol courtesy Fox, Dancing with the Stars by Bob D'Amico/ABC

The Reality TV Glut

Adapted from: Pop Idol, Strictly Come Dancing, etc. It started with talent shows as diversions and devolved into Supernanny, Kitchen Nightmares, and countless more. At least it's better than what we're importing these days from Japan!
14 of 16 Everett Collection


Adapted from: Coupling British TV wanted to replicate the success of the U.S.'s Friends, and Coupling was the answer. So what did NBC do when they wanted to fill the Friends time slot? Adapt Coupling, of course! Sadly, it failed miserably.
15 of 16 Monty Brinton/CBS

Worst Week

Adapted from: The Worst Week of My Life What? This isn't a made-for-TV verison of Meet the Parents? Kidding aside, this is actually the second attempt to adapt the British sitcom — Fox developed a series in '05 that never made it to air.
16 of 16 Robert Voets/CBS

Viva Laughlin

Adapted from: Blackpool The British version fared pretty well as a six-episode serial. We wish we could say something even remotely positive about the adaptaition.