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If you're facing an alien invasion, nuclear Armageddon or zombie apocalypse, you'll have to be very clever to survive in the aftermath

Shaun Harrison
1 of 17 Gilles Mingasson/BBC

How to drive just about anything

Because when all the cars are gone and the roads blown up, you'll want Richard Hammond's Crash Course to show you how to drive a tank.
2 of 17 Craig Sjodin/ABC

How to be your own doctor

Sure, the crew at Grey's Anatomy has access to all sorts of high-tech stuff, but when they're in the field with a natural disaster, it's a survivalist's primer.
3 of 17 CBC

How to ride a horse

Once the cars, parts and gas are gone, you'll need Heartland to show you how to ride a horse.
4 of 17 a

How to make friends with a survivalist

You'll need your own version of Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon if you expect to live on the land.
5 of 17 Cooking Channel

How to cook with fire

Who better than Roger Mooking of Man Fire Food to teach you how to make delicious food without a fancy stove?
6 of 17 TNT

How to organize a militia

Because you can't take the zombies and looters on by yourself, Tom Mason on Falling Skies will hook you up with a mad militia.
7 of 17 Art Streiber/A&E

How to shoot and eat anything

Nothing beats the bearded boys of Duck Dynasty for showing you how to cook and eat pretty much any living thing.
8 of 17 a

How to prepare for doomsday

Doomsday Preppers are preparing for doomsday - better take their advice.
9 of 17 a

How to grow your own food

The Farm Kings: educational and easy on the eyes.
10 of 17 Travel Channel

How to make a houseboat

Sometimes living on the water is the safest place in an apocalypse. The folks on Extreme Houseboats know how to make it happen.
11 of 17 a

How to live off the grid

You don't get much more remote than building cabins on the glaciers in Build Alaska.
12 of 17 National Geographic Channel

How to train a scary-looking guard dog

Use the Dog Whisperer's tips to train your wolf-dog protector.
13 of 17 Helen Sloan/HBO

How to fight with a sword

When the bullets run out, you'll be glad you took sword-fighting lessons with Arya on Game of Thrones.
14 of 17 Ursula Coyote/AMC

How to do anything with science

You'll wish you'd been taking notes during your favorite Breaking Bad episodes.
15 of 17 Channel 5

How to fish like a boss

Watch Extreme Fisherman with Robson Greene so you can still eat when you run out of bullets.
16 of 17 a

How to work like a team

Just like on Survivor, some things work better when you're part of a team.
17 of 17 TLC

How to stock up on stuff

Let the Extreme Couponing crew show you how to do it on the cheap.