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Check out the steamiest scenes from the CW series' 10-year history

1 of 12 The CW

Lois and Clark Get Busy in the Future

If Lois and Clark got it on in a future that was essentially erased, does that mean it never happened? No fair!

2 of 12 The CW

Lois and Clark Get Caught

The only thing worse than getting caught doing the deed by your family is cutting this photo above the waist.

3 of 12 The CW

Clark Heads to the Future

We can't wait until this future Clark is permanent.

4 of 12 The WB

Clark and Lana Take the Next Step

What's the first thing Clark does once Jor-El takes his powers? Un-super sex with Lana, of course!

5 of 12 The WB

Clark Becomes the Butt of the Joke

It would be much more fun had this been a kinky game.

6 of 12 The CW

Clark Has a Run-In with Granny Goodness' Furies

Instead of having a Granny take on Clark, why not get a bunch of half-naked girls to tie him up?

7 of 12 Michael Courtney/The WB

Clark Gets Marked by Jor-El

Clark may have been branded with the Mark of El, but it meant Tom Welling took his shirt off again.

8 of 12 Sergei Bachlakov/The WB

Aquaman Saves Lois

A shirtless Aquaman comes to the rescue of a bikini-clad Lois! The pair later share a steamy kiss. Jealous, Clark?

9 of 12 Sergei Bachlakov/The WB

Lois Tries Her Hand on the Pole

Need we say more than we love when Lois goes undercover as a stripper?

10 of 12 The CW

Green Arrow Hits the Fight Club

Oliver's first rule of fight club? Take your shirt off!

11 of 12 The WB

Supergirl's a Beauty Queen

This is actually what Kara was wearing the first time she met Clark's lady love, Lana. Hot right? She should enter the "Miss Sweet Corn" pageant every year.

12 of 12 The WB

Clark Joins the Football Team

Sure, Clark had skills on the football field, but we were more interested in him hitting the showers.