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Get caught up before your favorite summer shows begin

Shaun Harrison
1 of 12 Glenn Watson/USA Network

Burn Notice (USA)

Where We Left Off: Michael was on the run from the FBI because of his involvement in the escape of an international fugitive named Simon. Michael turned to Management to bring Simon down, and the season ended with a hooded Michael being led, not to prison, but to a luxurious suite. What's Next: Michael & Co. will discover more about Michael's burn notice. Along the way, they'll protect a lawyer from the city's most dangerous biker gang, help a port worker threatened by organized crime and come to the rescue of another burned spy (Third Watch's Coby Bell).
2 of 12 Karen Neal/TNT

The Closer (TNT)

Where We Left Off: Fritz became increasingly concerned with Brenda's workaholism and its effect on the couple's marriage. What's Next: Fritz takes a job as the FBI's liaison to the LAPD, and wonders if it's due to Brenda's influence. The Major Crimes Division gets a new HQ, where Capt. Raydor (guest star Mary McDonnell) returns to butt heads with Brenda.
3 of 12 Claudette Barius/HBO

Entourage (HBO)

Where We Left Off: Vince winged off to Italy to shoot his next film. Turtle and Jamie-Lynn called it quits, Eric and Sloane got engaged, Drama signed a holding agreement with a television network, and Ari finally gave Lloyd a legit job. What's Next: Ari tries to strike a deal with the NFL, Drama pushes his new agent, Lloyd, to find him a job and Vince pulls a Keri Russell and cuts his hair.
4 of 12 Marcel Williams/Syfy

Eureka (Syfy)

Where we left off: Carter was at a crossroads when Tess, his new flame, told him that she was leaving for Australia. Meanwhile, Zoe was accepted into Harvard's pre-med program. What's next: Corporate synergy! The quirky dramedy will team with Syfy's Warehouse 13 for a crossover episode in which Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston) is dispatched to Warehouse 13 to help update its aging computer system. Plus: Jamie Kennedy will guest-star as Dr. Ramsey, a scientists who develops an oxygen technology to colonize Mars that threatens to incinerate Eureka.
5 of 12 Karen Neal/TNT

HawthoRNe (TNT)

Where we left off:: Christina finally let go of her late husband, scattering his ashes and removing her wedding ring. What's next: Christina and Tom pursue a romantic relationship now that he is no longer Chief of Surgery, and the Richmond Trinity staff is transferred to James River. But there could be a hurdle in their relationship in the form of the charming — and British — Dr. Steve Shaw (Adam Rayner).
6 of 12 Lacey Terrell/HBO

Hung (HBO)

Where We Left Off: Tanya and Lenore battled to be Ray's pimp. Ray had a near-miss when his ex-wife Jessica unwittingly hired him. What's Next: Ray's new partnership with his pimps leads to surprising new arrangements.
7 of 12 Darren Michaels/TNT

Leverage (TNT)

Where We Left Off: After conning the mayor in a gun-running scheme, Nate turned himself over to the authorities in order to keep his entire team from taking a fall. What's Next: Nate's team has to spring him from the pokey. Complicating matters is the arrival of a mysterious woman nicknamed "The Italian" (Elisabetta Canalis), who makes Nate an offer that could be bad news for the entire team.
8 of 12 AMC

Mad Men (AMC)

Where We Left Off: Don and Betty's marriage came to an end, as he moved out and Betty flew to Reno for a quickie divorce. After learning that Cooper Sterling was about to be sold, Don rallied the partners and a few key others to leave the company and found Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. What's Next: Don and Betty will navigate singlehood. Look for new faces in the office and expect more of Sally Draper and Lane Pryce, as both Kiernan Shipka and Jared Harris have been promoted to series regulars.
9 of 12 FX

Rescue Me (FX)

Where We Left Off: After Tommy helped the entire Gavin clan off the wagon, Teddy's wife, Ellie, died in a car accident. In his pain, Teddy shot Tommy in the chest in front of everyone at the bar and watched as bled out on the floor. What's Next: We'll see whether Tommy makes it or not. (Don't forget: This show has a lot of ghosts in the cast.) Peter Gallagher guest-stars as a priest, and Colleen and Black Shawn take their relationship to the next level.
10 of 12 David Giesbrecht/USA Network

Royal Pains (USA)

Where We Left Off: The return of Jill's estranged husband (Bruno Campos) chilled her relationship with Hank. Divya contemplated leaving HankMed for London. Even confessed to his brother that their business was bankrupt because he gave their money to their father to invest. What's Next: Henry Winkler joins the cast as Hank and Evan's sketchy pop. 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub will show up as a girl who does yoga on diet pills. Marcia Gay Harden will play a board member who butts heads with Jill. And Hank's getting a new girlfriend.
11 of 12 Prashant Gupta/HBO

True Blood (HBO)

Where We Left Off: After thwarting Maryann, Bill planned a romantic evening with Sookie, during which he proposed. During Sookie's moment of indecision, Bill was kidnapped. What's Next: We'll learn who kidnapped Bill and why. Sam Merlotte travels to Arkansas to reconnect with family. Plus: Vampires aren't the only supernatural creatures in Bon Temps this season.
12 of 12 David Giesbrecht/USA Network

White Collar (USA)

Where We Left Off: Neal's happily-ever-after with Kate took a serious hit when she boarded a private jet, and it exploded. Peter, meanwhile, turned to Diana for help in taking down Special Agent Fowler. What's Next: One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton has signed on for a multiepisode arc as an insurance investigator with a score to settle with Neal. Plus: We'll get more of Fowler's backstory.