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1 of 13 Ron Tom/ABC

FlashForward (ABC)

Where We Left Off: Mark and Demetri went to Hong Kong to find "Eartha Kitt." Lloyd claimed responsibility for the blackout, and as a result he was kidnapped. Zoey realized her flash-forward is a funeral, not a wedding. What's Next: As we careen toward April 29, 2010, the date to which everyone in the world flash-forwarded, we've gotten this interesting news: There's going to be another blackout, people!
2 of 13 The CW

Gossip Girl (CW)

Where We Left Off: Serena leaned on Nate when Trip left her. Dan and Vanessa were post-threesome awkward. Eric and Jenny were at odds, as were Rufus and Lily when he discovered a letter from Serena's father. What's Next: Chuck's uncle Jack will return, and his presence will distract Chuck from his real goal: finding his possibly-still-alive mother.
3 of 13 Chris Haston/NBC

Trauma (NBC)

Where We Left Off:Macho-man paramedic Rabbit was put on suspension just as he was entering into a new relationship with co-worker Nancy. EMT Tyler finally came out to his work partner, Cameron. What's Next: The series will feature less all-out action and more character development. There will also be plenty of romance: The show delves deeper into the complicated Rabbit/Nancy relationship and "probie" Glenn embarks on a fling of his own. Plus: viewers finally learn how Rabbit got the nickname.
4 of 13 The CW

90210 (CW)

Where We Left Off: Adrianna confessed that she bought drugs from Jasper. Jasper told Annie he knew about her hit-and-run. Teddy and Silver got cozy. Naomi and Liam reconnected. What's Next: Jasper's blackmail chokehold on Annie will come to a head — as will Adrianna's friendship with Gia.
5 of 13 The CW

Melrose Place (CW)

Where We Left Off: Riley and Jonah planned to elope. Lauren was drugged by a client. Auggie and Violet confronted Vanessa, Michael's wife and Sydney's killer. Amanda moved into the Place and was on the hunt for a painting that Sydney was hiding from her. What's Next: Colin Egglesfield and Ashlee Simpson Wentz will leave the cast, while new cast members Billy Campbell and Nick Zano sign on, as Amanda's boyfriend and a snarky new doctor, respectively.
6 of 13 Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Breaking Bad

Where We Left Off: The increasingly ruthless Walter allowed Jesse's junkie girlfriend, Jane, to die. Her father, an air-traffic controller, was so overcome with grief that he failed to prevent the collision of two planes. This being a very small world, the debris rained down on Walt’s house — which was almost empty, because his family left him. Karma. What's Next: John de Lancie returns as Jane's dad, now wracked with guilt about both his daughter's death and the plane crash. Look for him to put some of the blame on Jesse, who is struggling not to relapse.
7 of 13 Phil Caruso/Showtime

Nurse Jackie

Where We Left Off: Zoey accidentally put a patient into a coma. Shortly after Eddie discovered that Jackie is married, Jackie attempted to put herself in a medically induced coma by stealing drugs from the Pill-O-Matic. What's Next: Jackie wasn't as careful as she should have been about measuring the grains of that final dosing. This will reveal her habit to an inconvenient person.
8 of 13 Showtime

United States of Tara

Where We Left Off: After meeting face-to-face with her alleged attacker, Tara appeared to be at peace and released herself from the hospital to reunite, and bowl, with her family. What's Next: Tara has to admit to herself that she doesn't want to give up her alters.
9 of 13 TNT

Saving Grace (TNT)

Where We Left Off: Earl led Grace to Neely, a young drug addict who, while trying to commit suicide by jumping off a building, drug Grace over the edge as well. Rhetta and Ronnie finally had it out and Ham revealed he was dating his dead brother's widow. What's Next: After inexplicably surviving the fall, Grace will become known as "Angel Cop" by the city. When she sets off to have it out with God once and for all, Grace meets a mysterious new dark force. Plus: Perry makes a big life change and secrets from Butch's past will emerge.
10 of 13 ABC


Where We Left Off: The Visitors offered the population a supercharged vitamin shot. Anna and Lisa targeted Tyler for a special project. Valerie is pregnant. What's Next: There is an armada of Visitors coming to Earth, and their numbers will cause mass panic.
11 of 13 Bill Records/NBC

Friday Night Lights

Where We Left Off: Coach Taylor's contract was up for renewal, and things were not looking good. Lyla, Riggins and Tyra graduated. What's Next: Taylor takes a new job as the coach of the East Dillon Lions, a team with none of the advantages enjoyed by his former employer.
12 of 13 Carin Baer/Fox

Glee (Fox)

Where We Left Off: New Directions overcame Sue's scheming to win sectionals. What's Next: Get ready for an all-Madonna episode. Plus: Kurt's getting a boyfriend!
13 of 13 Jonathan Hession/Showtime

The Tudors

Where We Left Off: King Henry annulled his marriage to Anne of Cleves and quickly took up with 17-year-old Catherine Howard. Cromwell fell from favor and was beheaded. What's Next: In its final season, the show will feature Henry's marriages to Howard and his final wife, Catherine Parr (Joely Richardson). The show will also explore the king's decline into madness.