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Dre and Rainbow are just two parents raising kids in the suburbs and doing the best they can.

lisa vecchione
Blackish Parenting Tips, The Johnsons
1 of 18 Adam Taylor/ABC

1. Black-ish is not just a show about the Johnsons

It's a show about every family! In its first season, Black-ish has already taught us so much about family and parenting. Here's are some important parenting tips we've learned so far.

2 of 18 ABC

2. Make life fun

Parents Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) know how to have a good time with their kids.

3 of 18 Adam Rose/ABC

3. Not all children are created equal

Each of the Johnson kids have individual strengths. They are all special in their own ways.

4 of 18 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

4. Give in to Grandma Time

Grandma can have all the time she wants with her grandkids!

5 of 18 Michael Ansell/ABC

5. Never underestimate the daddy/daughter bond

Zoey has so many of Dre's characteristics it's a little scary. Like daddy like daughter.

6 of 18 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

6. Cuteness will get you everywhere

Don't look at the dimples! They'll get you everytime.

7 of 18 John Fleenor/ABC

7. There are things more effective than spanking

Spare the rod and spoil the child? Not necessarily.

8 of 18 Nicole Wilder/ABC

8. Remember: you’re a team

The family that plays together stays together.

9 of 18 ABC

9. Lead by example

It will always be a compliment when people tell Diane she's "so much like her mom."

10 of 18 Nicole Wilder/ABC

10. Respect your elders

Pops (played by Lawrence Fishburne) demands respect.

11 of 18 Nicole Wilder/ABC

11. Admit your mistakes

It's alright. We all mess up sometimes.

12 of 18 Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC

12. Learn from your kids

Just because they're younger than you doesn't mean they can't teach you a thing or two.

13 of 18 ABC

13. The basics start at home

There are certain things your kids just won't learn in school. For example: The Nod.

14 of 18 Greg Gayne/ABC

14. Listen

Sometimes your kids actually DO want your input.

15 of 18 ABC

15. Give them space

Sure, Zoey's always on her phone. But she's making connections, learning, and growing.

16 of 18 ABC

16. Take care of yourself

Between work and family obligations, Bow makes sure she stays healthy and happy.

17 of 18 ABC

17. Try not to spoonfeed

He was uber proud of Zoey's entrepreneurial spirit, but Dre's top-tier ad campaign was over the top.

18 of 18 Greg Gayne/ABC

18. Hold tight to traditions

Halloween family style? Never let that one go!