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Check out the first photos from the midseason premiere

Shaun Harrison
1 of 8 Jack Rowand/ABC


The midseason premiere picks up with our favorite fairy tale characters returning to the Enchanted Forest after Regina prevented Peter Pan's curse from dooming them all. Who will welcome them back with open arms?
2 of 8 Jack Rowand/ABC


Neal and Belle will bond over their shared loss, but they both haven't given up just yet. Remember, everyone and everything returned alongside them. Also, look for Regina to make a rash decision now that she's lost Henry.
3 of 8 Jack Rowand/ABC


Some familiar faces — oh hey, Aurora and Phillip — will inadvertently be on hand to welcome the gang back to the Enchanted Forest. But they don't provide Charming & Co. with the whole story of what's happened since they've been gone.
4 of 8 Jack Rowand/ABC

The remaining fairy tale characters will set out for sanctuary in a very surprising place.

5 of 8 Jack Rowand/ABC


Don't expect Neal to accept the fact that he will never see Emma and Henry again, even after a pep talk from Charming that may break fans' hearts. Sniff.
6 of 8 Jack Rowand/ABC


Hook has plans of his own upon the group's return to the Enchanted Forest. Could Hook's scheme include the recently cast Charles Mesure (Desperate Housewives) as Blackbeard the pirate?
7 of 8 Jack Rowand/ABC


Back in the present, which takes place one year after Emma and Henry's memories were wiped, Hook interrupts what looks to be a special night in an attempt to get Emma to remember her past.
8 of 8 Jack Rowand/ABC


But it looks like Emma might have other plans with Walsh (Covert Affairs' Christopher Gorham) — plans that include a ring on that dessert plate, perhaps?