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2020 Golden Globes Fashion: Best and Worst-Dressed Stars of the Night

These were the looks that got our attention, for better and worse

TV Guide Editors
Best Vs Worst Dressed Golden Globes 2020
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The Best and Worst Red Carpet Looks of the 2020 Golden Globes

Here are the looks that got our attention, for better and worse, at the 77th Golden Globe Awards.

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Worst: Taylor Swift

No matter how much you might admire Taylor Swift or bop along to her albums, this springy dress is way out of season.

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Best: Chris Evans

There's a lot to like about Chris Evans' look here: the deep wine color of the suit, the velvet crush fabric, and, of course, the wearer himself. Combined, he's unstoppable.

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Best: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is single-handedly reviving tweed with this sizzling two-piece suit.

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Worst: Charlize Theron

We might like Charlize Theron's Dior dress a bit more if it wasn't this elf-green hue. But even then, the single cape sleeve takes it from interesting to completely confused.

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Best: Kerry Washington

If Kerry Washington was looking to bring a little sizzle and -- dare we say -- scandal to the red carpet, well, this did the trick. The bold, body-baring design was one of the most eye-catching looks of the night.

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Worst: Cate Blanchett

The prize for the most surprisingly outrageous gown of the evening goes to Cate Blanchett, who is usually a sure thing for the best dressed list. Between the canary yellow color, the strangely haphazard sleeves, and the awkward skirt, it's hard to know how she landed on this as her choice attire for the evening.

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Worst: Lucy Boynton

If Lucy Boynton rocked this metallic riff on a tea dress at the Met Gala, the look might make more sense. But here, it just seems odd for the sake of being odd.

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Best: Laura Dern

We kinda want to write a Marriage Story of our own about Laura Dern and this boho-chic-but-make-it-fancy design.

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Best: Margot Robbie

Cue all the Bombshell jokes because Margot Robbie is certainly playing to her strengths, even with this simple two-piece design. Not only is the top filled with color and gorgeous detail, but her skirt has pockets, which is always a win.

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Worst: Jennifer Lopez

Either Jennifer Lopez was still feeling the holiday spirit or she majorly missed the mark here with this cartoonish bow gown.

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Worst: Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley's blue and black sequined gown isn't the worst thing that walked the red carpet but it's far from the best. To be honest, we just expect more from this stylish star.

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Best: Kaitlyn Dever

At the risk of making an obvious pun, Kaitlyn Dever's floral gown is unbelievable. From the bunched shoulders to the chunky color splashes, this is the perfect combination of classic shape and modern design.

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Best: Roman Griffin Davis

JoJo Rabbit star Roman Griffin Davis is adorable and on-point with his splashy orange tuxedo.

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Worst: Anna Paquin

We're tempted to give Anna Paquin a best-of for her winning smile here, but this flowery black dress is simply too dowdy to overlook, and the shapeless cape sleeves aren't doing the design any favors.

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Best: Christina Applegate

Dead to Me star Christina Applegate is LIVING in this low-cut sparkly gown.

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Best: Billy Porter

Billy Porter always seizes the opportunity to strike a distinct pose on the red carpet, and this year's Globes is no exception. At this year's ceremony, it's a white feather train that serves as a statement piece to spice up an otherwise traditional suit.

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Best: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts may not get to play in world of the Game of Thrones after her would-be prequel series was shuttered, but she's still totally worthy of the Iron Throne with his form-fitted, sparkly surprise. The criss-crossed shoulder line is what really sells this piece.

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Worst: Kirsten Dunst

This pale pink of this dress might be a great match for Kirsten Dunst's complexion, but the lace looks a little too much like grandma's tablecloth for this occasion.

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Best: Jane Levy

Jane Levy's ruby red locks are the perfect accessory to match this gown. Plus, the dress' intricate needlework gives it just enough flair to stand apart from some of the other pink pieces that appeared on the red carpet of the 2020 Golden Globes.

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Worst: Dakota Fanning

Audiences have known Dakota Fanning since she was a little girl, which was when this baby doll dress might've been a better fit. But the color and design are just a tad too twee for her appearance at the 2020 Globes.

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Best: Nicholas Braun

With a killer blue tux like this on, it's hard to believe Cousin Greg -- er, Nicholas Braun -- won't be next in line for Succession.

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Worst: Cynthia Erivo

As much as we adore Cynthia Erivo, this glittery gown is all sparkles but not enough style.

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Best: Andrew Scott

OK, OK, so it's not the luxe vestment that became such a fixture of Fleabag's second season, but Andrew Scott's ivory jacket and matching bowtie are still divine.

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Worst: Karamo Brown

When it comes to someone who serves up style for a living like Karamo Brown does on Queer Eye, we hope to see a bit more attention to tailoring than he came through with in these pants.

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Best: Pierce Brosnan

Double-oh-yes to this all-navy tuxedo on Pierce Brosnan. It's a good enough suit that we can even accept the Colonel Sanders facial hair that he's got going on here.

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Best: Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch's bright yellow design is the definition of take-notice, with the exciting structure of the piece underscoring the vibrant color.

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Worst: Joey King

Many snaps to Joey King for taking chances with this geometric design, but the proportions leave it lacking for us.

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Best: Wesley Snipes

On anyone else, this might have been a bad look, but Wesley Snipes knows that he's being a little outrageous with this '70s tuxedo, and we can certainly appreciate the commitment.

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Best: Joe Alwyn

Joe Alwyn's stately tuxedo is dripping with British elegance.

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Worst: Beanie Feldstein

Yes, there is such a thing as overdoing it with accessories. Without the headband, rings, and earrings adding to it, Beanie Feldstein's dress might've been a hit. But with the busy bustle and all of the extras, it's just a little too much.

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Best: Eddie Murphy

Don't call it a comeback. Eddie Murphy has always been stylish. Still, the Dolemite Is My Name star looks especially dapper in this crushed velvet, garnet tuxedo jacket.

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Best: Margot Robbie

Cue all the Bombshell jokes because Margot Robbie is certainly playing to her strengths, even with this simple two-piece design. Not only is the top filled with color and gorgeous detail, but her skirt has pockets, which is always a win.

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Worst: Tim Allen

It's hard to imagine Tim Allen being the Last Man Standing when he brings a suit to a tux fight like this.

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Best: Ana de Armas

Sparkles were on trend during the Golden Globes this year, but Ana de Armas' contribution to the fashion theme was especially stunning.

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Best: Jodie Comer

Killing Eve's Jodie Comer can wear a paper bag and make it fashion, but her preference for pieces that are just eccentric enough is what makes her a consistent standout star on the red carpet, as with this Baby Yoda-meets-Villanelle tribute dress.

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Best: Awkwafina

Other actors tried to tinker with clown collar couture, but no one pulled it off quite as well as Awkwafina, who made it elegant and exciting at the same time.

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Worst: Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach

It's been a great year for Hollywood power couple Greta Gerwig (Little Women) and Noah Baumbach (Marriage Story), who've both been celebrated for their work behind the lens this year. However, the two seem to be working overtime to be understated at the Golden Globes with these outfits.

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Best: Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan's gown is just slinky enough to give her a little va va voom while still honoring the grandeur of the Globes.

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Best: Zoe Kravitz

It doesn't take any big (or little) lies to praise Zoe Kravitz's polka dots ensemble here.

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Worst: Olivia Colman

As much as we'd love to give Olivia Colman the crown for best dressed at the Globes, this heaping red gown is much too wacky and unflattering.

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Best: Jennifer Aniston

The Morning Show's Jennifer Aniston's Golden Globes gown isn't super newsworthy, but between the flared cut of the top and her simple belt, this look has an all-business panache that we can appreciate.

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Best: Brad Pitt

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star Brad Pitt was the world's biggest heartthrob for a long time. And with all of his natural swagger on display in this well-fitted tux with perfect hair, that time is still now.