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See the actors we'd like to have back on our TV screens in the near future

1 of 26 Michael Kovac/WireImage.com

Neve Campbell

It's been years since Campbell has had a hit on the either the small screen or the big screen — and the occasional guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy as Derek's sister isn't cutting it. We've seen Campbell go from teary (Party of Five) to terrifying (Wild Things) to tortured (Scream), so we know she's got range. May we suggest a PO5 spin-off centered around Julia Salinger, 15 years later?
2 of 26 Mike Marsland/WireImage

Hugh Laurie

That Laurie was never recognized with an Emmy for his work as the irascible Dr. Gregory House remains one of the biggest oversights in recent memory. We think he'd be perfect as Walter White-like antihero in a dark new cable drama. (And he should use his natural accent!) Then again, it might be nice to see him return to his comedy roots: perhaps as a bumbling principal at an all-girls high school or a park-bench-advertised personal injury lawyer?
3 of 26 Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Bradley Whitford

Not since his days on The West Wing has a show actually given Whitford work he can sink his teeth into — his role on Go On made us gag — and also actually survive (R.I.P., Studio 60). Sure, he has a starring role on the ABC comedy pilot Trophy Wife, but Whitford was never better than when he was balancing comedy and drama, which is why he should return to a one-hour dramedy format in a supporting role.
4 of 26 Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Andre Braugher

After Men of a Certain Age and Last Resort both failed to survive, Braugher seems ready to give comedy a try via Fox's Andy Samberg pilot. While we're pretty sure Braugher can do whatever he sets his mind to, we prefer to see him deliver powerful monologues. Anybody else see him at the center of the next great political drama?
5 of 26 Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Janet Montgomery

It's too bad the British-born Montgomery landed her first leading television role on a snoozer like Made in Jersey, which was canceled after only two episodes last fall, because she's definitely got the charisma and charm to carry a series that's up to snuff. She was great as the brash, sassy Italian gal Martina Garretti, so we'd love to see what she could do with a similar role in a straightforward comedy. Plus, she can do a Jersey accent like nobody's business!
6 of 26 Steve Granitz/WireImage

Portia de Rossi

From Ally McBeal to Arrested Development to Better Off Ted (R.I.P.!), de Rossi always manages to be a standout scene-stealer. It's time to cast her as the lead in something! We're thinking a high-powered attorney type with a crazy, hilarious wild side. Like Lindsay Bluth meets Nelle Porter. Plus, de Rossi's wife Ellen DeGeneres could guest-star! It's a win-win.
7 of 26 Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Jeffrey Tambor

Tambor's most recent venture into television was on Dane Cook's Next Caller, which never even got off the ground (and trust us, that was for the best). He's perfected the art of playing an oblivious curmudgeon who still manages to be oddly charming, and we just know Netflix's upcoming Arrested Development revival is only going to whet our appetites. We need Tambor's comic timing on our TVs on a regular basis.
8 of 26 Fred Hayes/Getty Images

Jordana Spiro

Right from the title, Spiro was setting herself up to fail with The Mob Doctor. But we aren't complaining; the actress' natural charm was wasted on the over-the-top drama. She was much more lovable in My Boys as the laidback Every Girl we could all relate to (even for those of us who thought a doubleheader was something found in Ripley's Believe It Or Not). Spiro has exactly the right chutzpah and ease to headline a Parenthood-esque dramedy. Just give her a chance!
9 of 26 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Anna Camp

Seeing Camp's talent completely wasted on The Mindy Project is the perfect reminder of why this actress needs her own show, like, yesterday. After first turning our heads with her campy and energetic portrayal of a preacher's wife on True Blood, Camp again made waves as a seemingly dim but crafty young lawyer who more than held her own against Julianna Margulies on The Good Wife. Camp is currently enjoying a meaty arc on Vegas, but somebody needs to take a bigger bet on this potent mix of beauty, brains and talent.
10 of 26 Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Dylan Baker

Most may not know this character actor by name, but it’s hard to forget any of Baker’s memorable TV guest stints in the past few years. But for all of his great turns on such shows as Damages and Political Animals, among many others, it's his recurring role on The Good Wife as millionaire wife killer Colin Sweeney that is Baker's best calling card. (He's earned two Emmy nods for the role!) Few actors could make a filthy rich murderer likable, but Baker makes it look easy. Then again, we would also love to see him as brilliant villain in a gritty drama of some sort.
11 of 26 Desiree Navarro.WireImage

Vanessa Williams

We've never complained about seeing Williams as the diva, but after playing the campy villainess once again on the short-lived 666 Park Avenue, we think it's time for a change of pace. We'd love to see her show some deeper emotion as a former model who still regrets her choice to give up her stardom for her family.
12 of 26 Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Ray Romano

Most people might've only seen Romano as a comedy guy after years of playing the title character in Everybody Loves Raymond, but Romano has shown that he also excels in drama from his time on the short-lived Men of a Certain Age and as the self-deprecating and stubborn Hank on Parenthood. Can't somebody find a meaty part for him that will stick for a few years?
13 of 26 Dave M. Bennett/Getty Images

Catherine Tate

Just when we were finally starting to like Tate’s character on The Office, the show is going to end! Tate has perfect comedic timing and a knack for dry wit. And with NBC failing in the Must-See TV department, someone needs to craft her a comedy where she plays a cougarific boss. You know you'd watch that!
14 of 26 Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

James Marsden

Before his character married 30 Rock's Liz Lemon, Marsden perfected being the best friend who never seems to get the girl. But his turn as a homeless squatter on Modern Family proved that the X Men star can tackle comedy with the best of them. We'd love to see him tackle a half-hour comedy where he does get the girl, but has to face her friends and family next!
15 of 26 Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Matt Lauria

There is a rarely a performance from this guy that doesn't steal our hearts. Whether he is playing his heart out on the football field as Luke Cafferty on Friday Night Lights or making us cry as a war veteran on Parenthood, Lauria has proven he's got the chops to take on a lead role.
16 of 26 Paul A. Herbert/Getty Images

Lance Reddick

Between The Wire and Fringe, Reddick has more than proven himself as an excellent steely cop. But we would like to see him put his intensity to work on the other side of the law. Mix his mysterious Lost character Matthew Abaddon with some sort of wild conspiracy plot, and you've got a great villain.
17 of 26 Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Lisa Edelstein

Ever since her too-soon exit from House, we've longed to see the erstwhile Lisa Cuddy back on our TVs in a regular role. While guest spots on The Good Wife and Elementary have scratched that itch, we think she'd make a great brassy lawyer of her own. Then again, playing an exasperated mother in a family comedy might show off some new shades we've never seen before.
18 of 26 C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Mamie Gummer

Gummer's particular blend of wide-eyed charm and effortless delivery were wasted on the CW's treacly Emily Owens, M.D. Her fan-favorite guest-starring role on The Good Wife is an example of the type of nuanced character that is a match for Gummer's complex arsenal of skills. She should find a dramedy in which she can play someone who must think on her feet and has a double life &madash; perhaps a roguish con artist or Carrie Bradshaw-esque writer who must hide her true identity?
19 of 26 Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Michael Pitt

Although Boardwalk Empire found interesting ways to move on without Pitt's gangster-in-training, he still holds a special place in our broken hearts. (R.I.P., Jimmy Darmody). He's proven to be good at playing tortured souls, but we'd like to see him use his brains as a smooth-talking lawyer/politician or playing the heroic detective at the center of a cable mystery series.
20 of 26 Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Maura Tierney

While we love the ER reunion The Good Wife has given us via Tierney's recurring role (Carol and Abby together again!), the sad truth is her magnetic skills are being underutilized, unless you count Maddie being shut down by Peter every now and then. (Not to mention, the gubernatorial arc will obviously end soon.) Tierney clearly excels at drama (see also: Rescue Me) and was perfectly cast as a Braverman on Parenthood before her cancer diagnosis forced her to pull out, but we'd like to see her return to her TV sitcom roots (NewsRadio) and remind everyone of her Carole Lombard-like comedy chops.
21 of 26 Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

Paget Brewster

Before she was collaring unsubs on Criminal Minds, Brewster was killing us with laughter on Andy Richter Controls the Universe, American Dad! and most memorably as Kathy on Friends. So color us happy that she has signed on to ABC's comedy pilot Spy to play the ex-wife of Rob Corddry's titular character. But we'd much prefer her headlining her own funny vehicle that exploits her impossibly charming, candid and goofy personality.
22 of 26 Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Chris Meloni

While we'd love to hold our breaths for an SVU return (we tried already; didn't end well), if we can't have Stabler back on our screens we'll settle for Meloni in any form. Anyone who's seen Wet Hot American Summer knows the actor has more notes than brooding Catholic cop — the man's a true comedian! Who's in for a Chris Meloni variety hour? Or at least an endearing dad in a family sitcom. Phil Dunphy, watch your back!
23 of 26 Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

BJ Novak

On The Office, Novak played the consummate straight man to the overly attentive and neurotic Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling), but when he recently guest-starred on Kaling's The Mindy Project, we saw a more energetic, goofy and slapstick side to his comedy. The dude is talented behind the camera too! We're thinking a fish-out-of water scenario would highlight his charisma the best. Let's get him to write his own daffy comedy where he can play a lovable but ineffectual guy who a) goes back to school to learn a new, more relevant skill, b) inherits an English castle from his long-lost uncle or c) suddenly becomes a relationship expert after he gave dating advice to a celebrity divorceé.
24 of 26 Tim Boyles/Getty Images

Jason Dohring

Dohring has a history of starring in adored cult mysteries, but sadly, not enough people loved Veronica Mars, Moonlight or Ringer to keep them on the air for long. Maybe Dohring could bring his beloved brooding to something a little less niche — a CW soap, a gritty cop drama, or Entourage Part 2: Rich Boys Gone Badder. As long as he's still got those puppy dog eyes and tortured soul, we're all in.
25 of 26 Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

After two short-lived turns on Undercovers and Touch, we'd like to see this British actress find something a little more permanent. We think she could play a young hotshot lawyer trying to escape her family's criminal past or perhaps a brilliant, up-and-coming surgeon.
26 of 26 Fernando Leon/Getty Images

John Benjamin Hickey

Only someone as charismatic and talented as John Benjamin Hickey could make viewers root for a smelly, angry lead character such as The Big C’s Sean. In addition to The Big C, Hickey has shown off his dramatic chops as a recurring Good Wife character, but he has also shown his deft ability to mix humor and heart as Bryan’s priest on The New Normal. Although he's booked a role as a father in a coma-like state in the CW pilot Blink, he seems ideal as the patriarch in a family comedy. Either way, more please!