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1 of 16 Richard Foreman/Fox; Quantrell Colbert/The CW;


What's your favorite show? We asked, you answered, and now we've narrowed down the many choices to this group. Click all the way through to see which shows made the cut, then place your final vote in our poll to decide which series is named the fan-favorite show of 2009!
2 of 16 Greg Gayne/'Fox


"Best show of the year. Most improved ratings, most under-rated actors, great writers, multifaceted characters, and plenty of ick!" — dnowakowski
3 of 16 Sergei Bachlakov/The CW


"Supernatural is even more fantastic this season simply because it's a unique show. Great actors, different plots, classic rock soundtrack, no endless mush romance, no boring emo vampires in love." — lere
4 of 16 Jack Rowand/The CW


"It's the only TV show I actually follow regularly and the only one whose characters I actually care about. It may not be the most intelligent show or the best-plotted, but it's a hell of a lot of fun, and Clark and Lois have the best chemistry on-screen right now." — ooglebug
5 of 16 Adam Taylor/NBC


"Comedy, action, romance, and suspense: What more could you want for a awesome show!? The writing has yet to let the fans down, the acting is amazing, and it doesn't hurt that the cast [members] are down to earth people. It's one of the only shows I'm excited about seeing next year, hopefully sooner than later." — ellie89
6 of 16 Eric McCandless/CBS


"NCIS all the way baby!!! That show just keeps getting better every season. Every episode this season has been my favorite. How many shows do that? Um, not too many..." — AmyIckes
7 of 16 Ron Tom/ABC


"Castle is a witty show with great acting and amazing writing. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic really stretch their acting skills since they can be funnier than hell in one scene and completely serious in the next." — religionbites
8 of 16 Mario Perez/ABC


"Lost has to be one of the best of the year. I hang on to every second of every episode and just feel crushed when the hour is over. Great story telling, great cast, great entertainment." — ITPROF4U
9 of 16 Quantrell/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

"I love The Vampire Diaries. Great writing and always unpredictable." — gdADV
10 of 16 Carin Baer/Fox


"My favorite show of the year: Glee. It's the reason Wednesday became my favorite day of the week." — lzrkim
11 of 16 Chris Haston/Fox


"House is the smartest, wittiest show on TV, with the best writing and a great cast." — CharlesWeber
12 of 16 Sergei Bachlakov/ABC

Defying Gravity

"That show is incredible, the only show in years that has gotten me hooked! It has to get picked up by someone for another season or five!" — mandyds9
13 of 16 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Lie to Me

"Lie to Me got me watching television again." — etharper
14 of 16 Jaimie Trueblood/HBO

True Blood

"Hands down, the only one [show] I cannot miss is True Blood. The best vampy, campy, beautiful, terrifying, romantic, action-packed, daring, sexy, hilarious and thrilling hour on TV. Oh, and did I mention all those wonderful men?" — Cocoano
15 of 16 FX

Sons of Anarchy

"Best show I've seen in years. This show wants to tell its characters stories, not have the plot-of-the-week dictate story line. I'm invested because each week I tune in to get another piece of the Charming puzzle. Nice." — kieferbabe
16 of 16 NBC

Friday Night Lights

"The best show on TV since 2006 has been Friday Night Lights. It has everything: the cast, the writing, the chemistry, the charisma. All it doesn't have is an audience. Thank God NBC has some hope left in this gem because if this show goes off the air entirely, broadcast TV would lose a great f---ing show." — CharlesWeber