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In honor of According to Jim's series finale, we look back on the long television history of fat guys with hot wives. Jim and Cheryl: Stay fat. And hot.

1 of 10 Bob D'Amico/ABC

According to Jim

Jim and Cheryl have been through a lot: raising kids, fights about the security code for the garage, even Jim's deal with the devil. (And we don't mean the one that's kept Jim on the air for eight years.) Jim is lucky to have Cheryl by his side... and not just because she's hot. Can she go back to Melrose Place now?
2 of 10 ABC Archive/Retna

The Flintstones

How old is the fat guy-hot wife cliché? As our favorite Bedrockers demonstrate, it goes back to the Stone Age. Fred was big and dumb; Wilma was smart and adorable. She really got the short end of the club.
3 of 10 CBS Archive/Landov

The Honeymooners

As Ralph and Alice Kramden, the great Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows provided the inspiration for every fat guy-hot wife pairing of the next half-century. Uh... thanks!
4 of 10 Tony Esparza/CBS Archive/Landov

The King of Queens

Like so many TV fat guys, Kevin James' Doug was immature and helpless. Leah Remini's queen of Queens held everything together. Which brings us to the appeal of the fat guy-hot wife formula: Men like hot women, and women like cuddly man-babies.
5 of 10 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection


We love us some Andy Richter, and couldn't be more excited he's now on The Tonight Show, but we honestly have no memory of this show ever airing. We apologize to him and Rebecca Creskoff, his TV hot wife.
6 of 10 HBO

The Sopranos

A rare dramatic foray into the realm. Carm was alternately repulsed and excited by her husband's ravenous appetite for excess, for which his fat was only a symbol. Tony made fat guys look good. Even great.
7 of 10 CBS Archive/Landov

Listen Up

Jason Alexander did Wendy Makkena no favors by casting her in this short-lived sitcom, and no favors to the Wendy Makkenas of the world who were no doubt besieged by short, bald fat guys once it aired. But some of those guys lucked out with those women, because women are less superficial than men. Or because those guys drove cool cars.
8 of 10 Bob D'Amico/ABC Archive/Retna

The Drew Carey Show

Drew Carey had a slew of hot wives, but Kate (Christa Miller) was the love of his life. Unless you count his civil-union partner, Mr. Wick (Craig Ferguson). Look for them in our fat guys married to their male boss gallery, coming soon.
9 of 10 Fox

Family Guy

So many fat guys with hot wives are cartoons. Why? Because so many artists shamelessly use fat as a shortcut to show a guy is plodding and lazy compared to his wife. Which just isn't true of fat guys: It's true of all guys. (Ha-ha, just kidding, guys. Now take out the trash.)
10 of 10 The Simpsons TM and (c) 2007 TCFFC All Rights Reserved/Fox

The Simpsons

No couple has ever done the fat guy-hot wife thing better than Homer and Marge Simpson. As the breadwinner, Homer is ostensibly the leader of the family. But Marge secretly wields control. She manipulates Homer with kindness, generosity, adorable delivery of the pet name "Homie," and, let's face it, her total fine-ness.