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See which of your favorite stars are coming back to TV this fall

1 of 16 Gregory Peters/NBC

​Wesley Snipes, The Player

How You Know Him: Snipes has appeared in a number of memorable films, including Passenger 57, White Men Can't Jump, U.S. Marshals, Demolition Man and, most recently, The Expendables 3. But the action star is perhaps best known for his work in the Blade trilogy.

The New Role: Snipes stars as "pit boss" Mr. Johnson in this high-concept, Las Vegas-set drama about an organization that gambles on crime. Snipes' cool charm lures his "player" -- and the audience -- in, but he shows just enough darkness to keep everyone guessing about just what his true intentions are.

2 of 16 Cam Camarena/CBS

​Jennifer Carpenter, Limitless

How You Know Her: Carpenter cursed up a storm as Debra Morgan on Dexter.

The New Role: Carpenter is Rebecca Harris, an FBI investigator who enlists main character Brian Sinclair (Jake McDorman) and his uber-brain to help the agency solve cases. It's a good thing Carpenter has plenty of experience playing law enforcement figures.

3 of 16 Ray Mickshaw/FOX

​Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, The Grinder

How You Know Them: The '80s idols were a Brat Packer and proverbial boy next door Kevin Arnold, respectively. In their adult careers, Lowe played Sam Seaborn on The West Wing for four years before moving on to Brothers & Sisters and showing off his comic chops on Parks and Recreation, while Savage focused primarily on directing with some memorable guest spots sprinkled in (Boy Meets World, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).

The New Roles: Lowe is the perfect person to play Dean Sanderson, a hot shot actor who returns home after his long-running legal series ends because he thinks he can use his TV legal know-how to help his family's real practice. (Chris Traeger can literally see this working.) Savage, adorable as ever, is his Average Joe bro, Stewart, an actual attorney who was about to take over the firm but must now, um, hold court against Dean.

4 of 16 Jennifer Clasen/FOX

​John Stamos, Grandfathered

How You Know Him: He'll be Full House's Uncle Jesse forever.

The New Role: The ageless actor plays Jimmy, a restaurateur bachelor who discovers that not only does he have a 25-year-old son (Josh Peck) from a one-night stand, but a granddaughter as well. Surely, Stamos can tap into the child-rearing skills he learned on Full House, even if he hasn't seen his sons in 20 years.

5 of 16 Darren Michaels/CBS

​Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson, Angel from Hell

How You Know Them: Lynch is best known for playing Sue Sylvester on Glee, while Lawson previously starred as Jules on Psych­.

The New Roles: Lawson plays Allison, a perfectionist who forms an unlikely friendship with her mysterious, crassly clairvoyant guardian angel (Lynch). While it's doubtful we'll see anything new from Lynch here, we're guessing her brand of tell-it-like-it-is saltiness will still be enjoyable to watch - even if it is celestial this time around.

6 of 16 Christos Kalohiridis/NBC

​Zachary Levi, Heroes Reborn

How You Know Him: Levi's first big break came on the ABC sitcom Less Than Perfect, on which he starred for four seasons. But his best known role is nerd-turned-CIA Agent Chuck Bartowski on NBC's beloved Chuck.

The New Role: Forget about lovable Chuck! After years of playing the good guy, Levi is showing off his dark side as Luke Collins, a vengeful vigilante who attempts to kill those with superpowers (now called "evos") after his family suffers a great tragedy.

7 of 16 ABC

​Don Johnson and Chace Crawford, Blood & Oil

How You Know Them: Johnson and Crawford are best known for making teenage girls swoon with their starring roles on Miami Vice and Gossip Girl, respectively.

The New Roles: Crawford brings some of his Nate Archibald boyish charm to the role of Billy Lefever, an ambitious man who sets out to make his mark in the North Dakota oil industry, despite not knowing anything about the business. But when Billy catches a lucky break, he finds himself going toe-to-toe against merciless tycoon Hap Briggs (Johnson). And though Hap might be cutthroat, Johnson finds the heart underneath Hap's greed.

8 of 16 Bonnie OsborneWarner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

​Melissa Benoist, Supergirl

How You Know Her: Benoist played Marley Rose, one of the Gleek 3.0 students who joined Glee in its fourth season. On the big screen, she played Nicole, the sweet-natured movie theater concession worker whom Miles Teller's character romanced briefly, in Whiplash.

The New Role: Benoist certainly brings that fresh-faced, Neutrogena, girl-next-door vibe to play the titular superhero, which makes her incredibly likeable in an unthreatening way. Her bright eyes and infectious smile are charming, and she'll win over viewers of all ages when she takes flight.

9 of 16 FOX

​Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele, Scream Queens

How You Know Them: Curtis is the original scream queen, getting her big break in Halloween before landing roles in A Fish Called Wanda, True Lies and FreakyFriday. Roberts has also done her share of horror roles, including Scream 4 and American Horror Story. Michele is best known for her work on Broadway and as Rachel on Ryan Murphy's musical series Glee.

The New Roles: Roberts will once again play a bitchy mean girl, this time named Chanel, the president of the Kappa sorority who is as superficial as she is ruthless towards the new members. Michele will trade in Rachel's Type A personality to play Hester, a sorority girl with scoliosis who idolizes Kappa president Chanel. Curtis will put her Laurie Strode survival skills to good use once again as Dean Cathy Munsch, who will not only fight against the prejudice within the campus' Greek system but also fight off the mysterious killer.

10 of 16 Darren Michaels/CBS

​Dianne Wiest and James Brolin, Life in Pieces

How You Know Them: The two acting veterans are each legends in their own right - two-time Oscar winner Wiest's recent TV credits include Law & Order and In Treatment, while Brolin won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Marcus Welby, M.D.and has had guest-starring spots on Castle, Psychand Community.

The New Roles: It will be a treat to see Wiest and Brolin go toe-to-toe as husband-and-wife team John and Joan Short. Though they're both best known for dramatic work, they're changing things up a bit here by taking on their first comedic roles as series regulars, and will undoubtedly bring a sense of gravitas to an otherwise conventional sitcom.

11 of 16 Danny Feld/ABC

​Ken Jeong, Dr. Ken

How You Know Him: After making his screen debut in Knocked Up, Jeong became El Tigre Chino himself, Senor Chang, on Community and batsh-- crazy mobster Mr. Chow in The Hangover trilogy.

The New Role: Jeong shouldn't have much trouble getting into character as the titular Dr. Ken, who's juggling his career and family. The show is inspired by Jeong's previous career as a physician before his wife encouraged him to pursue acting. Jeong is also writing and producing the show.

12 of 16 Colleen Hayes/NBC

​Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Truth Be Told

How You Know Him: TV's Zack Morris left Saved by the Bell (and the unfortunate College Years spin-off) behind and focused on dramatic roles on NYPD Blue andTNT's Raising the Bar. Most recently, he starred with Breckin Meyer on the TNT legal dramedy Franklin & Bash for four seasons.

The New Role: Gosselaar returns to comedy on this NBC sitcom, which aims to tackle taboo topics of sex and race through two couples who are best friends and neighbors. Gosselaar plays Mitch, a college ethics professor with a new baby (and a babysitter who might be a porn star).

13 of 16 Neil Jacobs/CBS

​Marcia Gay Harden, Code Black

How You Know Her: The Oscar-winning actress' films include Pollock, Miller's Crossing and Mystic River. On the small screen, she starred on ABC's one-season wonder Trophy Wife and has had memorable roles on Damages, Law & Order: SVU, The Newsroom and, most recently, How to Get Away with Murder.

The New Role: Harden stars on CBS' new medical drama asDr. Leanne Rorish, the residency director at one of the country's busiest ER's in the country. She's a bold, courageous doctor who is willing to bend the rules to save her patients, but she's also motivated by a private tragedy -- two shades Harden balances perfectly.

14 of 16 Jeff Daly/FOX

Morris Chestnut, Rosewood

How You Know Him: Early in his career, Chestnut appeared in such films as Boyz in the Hood and The Last Boy Scout and several TV shows, including the one-season Patti Labelle sitcom Out All Night and the short-lived action drama C-16: FBI. More recently, he starred as Ryan Nichols on ABC's V reboot and has done arcs on American Horror Story, Nurse Jackie and TNT's Legends.

The New Role: Chestnut is a cheery breath of fresh air as Beaumont Rosewood, Miami's top private pathologist, who uses his state-of-the-art lab to help the police solve murders. But wouldn't you know it? His bubbly, live-life-to-the-fullest mentality rubs the sexy police detective he works with the wrong way!

15 of 16 Corbis

​Katey Sagal and Stephen Moyer, The Bastard Executioner

How You Know Them: She starred on comedies Married... with Children and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter before taking on her Golden Globe-winning dramatic role of Jemma Teller on Sons of Anarchy. He played vampire Bill Compton for six seasons on True Blood.

The New Roles: Sagal continues to partner with husband andSonscreator Kurt Sutter as mystical witchAnnora of the Alderson the medieval drama. And although he doesn't have any magical powers that we know of, Moyer's sneaky villain Milus Corbett is also someone to keep a close eye on.

16 of 16 Eric McCandless/ABC

Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen, Wicked City

How You Know Them: He played the devilishly charming bad boy Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, while she most recently stole hearts as the levelheaded Julia Braverman on Parenthood.

The New Roles: As a Bonnie and Clyde-type duo, we cannot wait to see how Westwick transforms into a deadly serial killer with Christensen by his side as a naive single mother who clearly has some psychopathic tendencies.