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Every Major Death on How to Get Away with Murder

Here's every murder you need to know

​Katie Findlay, Alfred Enoch, and Nicholas Gonzalez, How to Get Away with Murder
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​Katie Findlay, Alfred Enoch, and Nicholas Gonzalez, How to Get Away with Murder

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her students, Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King), and Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry), have committed so many murders at this point, it's hard to keep the How to Get Away with Murder timeline straight.

From the original murders and subsequent coverups of Lila Stangard (Megan West) and Sam Keating (Tom Verica), all the way through to the series finale, the streets of Middleton University have run bloody over the past six seasons. To help you sort through the deaths, here's a list of every major murder that Annalise, Bonnie (Liza Weil), Frank (Charlie Weber), and the Keating 5 have been entangled with over the years.

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Lila Stangard (Megan West)

It was the murder that launched a thousand more murders... Middleton undergrad Lila Stangard was murdered before the series even began, with the pilot launching on the mystery of her disappearance. It turned out she was killed by Frank (who strangled her on the roof of her sorority house), but the true murderer was Sam, who sent Frank to kill her because he'd been having an affair with Lila. When she wound up pregnant and refused to get an aborition -- and then later threatened to tell Annalise about the affair -- Sam decided to have her killed to shut her up.

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Sam Keating (Tom Verica)

The Keating 5 discovered the truth about Sam and Lila thanks to Wes' girlfriend Rebecca (Katie Findlay), but when they tried to get evidence from his laptop, he attacked them. The resulting scuffle ended with Wes smashing his head in with Annalise's Lady Justice trophy, and the kids decided to cover up the murder instead of taking what they knew to the police.

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Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay)

When it seemed like Rebecca might have actually killed Lila (and even worse that she might be willing to turn the kids into the police for Sam's murder) they tied her up in Annalise's basement until they could figure out what to do with her. Unfortunately, Bonnie made the decision for them by strangling her with a plastic bag so she couldn't squeal on Annalise.

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Helena Hapstall (Joan McMurtrey)

Though this murder is only tangentially related to the rest, it did involve all the key players. After Sam's death, Annalise took a new case in which Catherine and Caleb Hapstall were accused of killing their adoptive parents. Their aunt, Helena Hapstall was the one that accused them of having an affair, and she was found in her car with her throat slit. It turned out, Helena was right about the affair and Caleb killed her to keep her quiet.

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Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns)

Emily Sinclair was the prosecutor in Hapstall case, but also in Nate's case when Annalise framed him for Sam's murder. In an effort to get Asher to turn on Annalise, she started putting pressure on his family, and eventually, Asher's father committed suicide. In a fit of rage, Asher took revenge by running Emily Sinclair over with his car. He then took her body to the Hapstall's house (where even more madness was happening) and dropped her body off the roof to make it look like she'd been pushed to her death instead of run over. Annalise then framed the entire thing (which included a gunshot wound to her abdomen) on the Hapstall kids.

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Wallace Mahoney (Wilson Bethel)

When Wes went looking for answers about Annalise, he found clues that led him to believe one of her former clients was his birth father. When Wes went to confront the Mahoney, Frank shot the guy and killed him. It turns out, Mahoney was actually Wes' grandfather. Mahoney paid Frank to bug Annalise, which eventually allowed Mahoney to put a hit on her. The car accident that followed (that wasn't an accident at all) resulted in the death of her unborn child. Frank shot him as retribution.

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Wes Gibbins

The first half of Season 3 focused on the fire that destroyed Annalise's house and killed one of her students. That student turned out to be Wes. The night of the fire, Laurel's father ordered his hitman, Dominick, to kill Wes to keep him from coming forward about Sam's death -- the resulting investigation surely would have implicated Laurel and the Castillo family's other illegal dealings, so Dominick stabbed Wes and then smothered him. He then set the house on fire to cover his tracks. We briefly thought Wes was actually alive in Season 6 when he showed up at Annalise's funeral, but it turns out that wasn't Wes at all -- it was his son Christopher, played by the same actor, Alfred Enoch.

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Robert Winterbottom (Ronald F. Hoiseck)

Though most of these deaths are all tied together, the death of Bonnie's father was a pretty isolated incident. After Frank's involvement in the death of Annanlise's child was revealed, he was basically excommunicated from the group. He attempted to get back in Bonnie's good graces by murdering her sickly father, who had sexually abused her for her entire childhood. This was a particularly gruesome death since Frank exchanged Robert's oxygen tank for a tank of hydrogen sulfide, which apparently liquefied his lungs from the inside out. Yikes.

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Dominick Flores (Nicholas Gonzalez)

In Season 4, Laurel decided to go against her family in retaliation for Wes' murder. The hard drives she stole with incriminating evidence on them went missing during the emergency birth of her son, however, so Frank kidnapped Dominick to grill him for answers. Eventually, Frank got so worked up that he snapped Dominick's neck, killing him.

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Todd Denver (Benito Martinez)

A.D.A. Denver was gunning hard for Annalise, but it turned out that was only because he was in bed with the Castillos. Corruption works both ways though, and when Jorge Castillo found out that Denver had turned on him and his family, he tampered with Denver's brakes, resulting in the car crash that took Denver's life.

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Nate Lahey Sr. (Glynn Turman)

Annalise made Nate's father the "face case" for her class action lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that she ended up winning in the Supreme Court. That was bad news for the governor of Pennsylvania, so she ordered Nate Sr.'s murder, which occurred when he was being transferred out of prison and to a mental health clinic. The police handling his transfer shot him, and lied about him attacking them, making it self-defense.

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Ron Miller (John Carter Hensley)

Nate Jr. was obviously heartbroken at his father's death, especially since they'd just reconnected after a lifetime apart, and that grief led him to attack D.A. Ron Miller. Nate discovered evidence that Ron facilitated his father's transfer, implicating him in the murder, and he ended up beating Ron nearly to death at Connor and Oliver's wedding. Bonnie finished the job out of mercy (since she was dating Ron and had fallen in love with him) and helped Nate cover up the crime.

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Emmett Crawford (Timothy Hutton)

Annalise went to work for a new law firm, Caplan & Gold, in Season 5, where she met her new boss, Emmett Crawford. Governor Birkhead ended up trying to frame Emmett for Nate Sr.'s murder, but ultimately that case never went to trial because Emmett was poisoned and killed shortly thereafter. It's unclear who exactly poisoned Emmett, but the most likely suspects are Birkhead or the Castillos.

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Asher Millstone

In the final season of How to Get Away with Murder, Asher turned against his friends and became an informant for the FBI's case against Annalise. On the night the kids discovered his betrayal, Asher was killed by beating beaten to death with a fire poker. It turned out Agent Pollock, his FBI handler, was dirty and working for the Castillos, and she murdered him on their orders.

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Xavier Castillo (Gerardo Celasco)

Laurel's brother, Xavier, took over the family crime syndicate after his father went to prison (thanks to her evidence), and it turned out he was the one who'd ordered the hit on Nate Sr. at the governor's behest. Frank kidnapped him, hopping to get a confession that would clear Annalise in the FBI investigation, but Nate ended up snapping his neck as revenge before they could get the info they needed.

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Hannah Keating (​Marcia Gay Harden)

In the penultimate episode of How to Get Away with Murder, Hannah died of a reportedly self-inflicted gunshot wound after Annalise got her to agree to testify against the governor in her trial. Though the death was billed as a suicide -- her childhood affair with her own brother and the resulting child from that relationship had just been exposed, so it's believable -- the most likely culprit in Hannah's death is Governor Birkhead, who frequently had people assassinated before they could speak out against her.

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Jorge Castilla (Esai Morales)

In the series finale, Jorge Castillo was stabbed to death in prison by other inmates. It was heavily implied that Laurel ordered the hit on her father (via Tegan) so that she and her son could live carefree lives without the threat of Jorge looming over them.

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Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber)

Frank Delfino died of multiple gunshot wounds after he shot and killed Governor Birkhead in the series finale. After learning of his true parentage (Hannah and Sam Keating were his parents), he decided to murder the governor at Annalise's trial to set things right. When he shot at the governor, her guards shot back, and he died on the steps of the courthouse in Bonnie's arms.

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Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil)

Bonnie was a casualty of Frank's assassination of Governor Birkhead. When she realized Frank was going to pull a gun on the governor, she rushed to his side in an attempt to stop him from taking his revenge. When the governor's guards fired back, Bonnie was shot in the process. She lived just long enough to watch Frank die before succumbing to her wounds in Annalise's arms.

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Annalise Keating

Annalise Keating was one of the only happy deaths on the show. The final minutes of the series finale revealed that she lived a long and full life before dying of old age decades after winning her trial. Her funeral was attended by all of her surviving students, and Eve gave her a beautiful eulogy.