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Spoiler alert! Get a sneak peek at what Susan, Gaby, Bree and Lynette are up to in the ABC drama’s final episode.

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Bree shares a serious moment with her lawyer-crush, Trip. But judging from the look on her face, we’re going to guess he doesn’t come bearing good news.
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Gaby takes the stand in Bree’s murder trial. Will she come clean and tell the truth or let Bree take the fall for Carlos? Also, what’s that in Trip’s hand?
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Bree does not look happy with Trip during her trial. Was he too hard on Gaby or is this Bree’s way of playing hard to get?
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A very worried Gaby stands up during her testimony. Oh, girl, this is not the time to get worked up over someone’s fashion faux pas.
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Bree stands in the courtroom during her trial while Susan, Lynette and reporters look on. Is she getting sentenced?
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An alarmed Bree and Trip confer during proceedings. Susan, Lynette and Gaby sit in the gallery, but for now, Bree only has eyes for Trip.
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Renee always knows how to make an entrance, even when it’s in the courtroom to possibly testify against her friend and neighbor, Bree. The big question is: Will she be able to protect herself and Ben behind spousal privilege, or will she be called to the stand before her big day?
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Susan, Lynette and Gaby offer moral support during the trial. But who are all those other jokers behind them?
9 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC


Bree and Trip stand next to a moving truck. Does this mean Trip is moving in? Sure, they’re cute together, but we ask Bree to exercise some caution after the last guy that moved in (Chuck) ended up dead.
10 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC

Run, Bree and Trip, run!

11 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC

Bree and Trip visit Roy and Mrs. McCluskey, who continues her fight against lung cancer.

12 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC


Is Karen going over her will with Trip? Could her time be winding down? Series creator Marc Cherry always said he wouldn’t kill her off, but could the finale be her swan song?
13 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC

Lynette and Porter run into what appears to be a hospital. Could Julie be going into labor?

14 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC

Lynette and Tom are holding hands! Now this is what fans have been waiting for all season.

15 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC

Julie beams during a doctor’s appointment as Susan looks on. But why is she smiling so much?

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Duh! Because her doctor is a hottie! Who needs a boy like Porter when you can have a man like Dr. McSexy.
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All bets are off, literally, as the four ladies gather round for one of their favorite pastimes: a game of poker.
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Susan appears to win big, but we don’t remember her having a good poker face? We suspect the others let her win, since she is recently widowed and all.
19 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC


Farewell, Susan! Please try not to spoil Julie’s baby too much, lest you end up with another Juanita Solis on your hands.
20 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC


Is Bree smiling because she’s thinking about what a lovely ring the name “Bree Weston” has to it? Just us?
21 of 22 Ron Tom/ABC


Lynette, why are you wasting time with the girls when you could be locked away with Tom really celebrating what seems to be the end of your estrangement?!?
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Laugh it up, Eva. Laugh it up.