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Check out these first look photos from Sunday's tearful farewell to Wisteria Lane's favorite handyman and husband

1 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC


One week after his ruthless murder, Susan, pictured, and the rest of Wisteria Lane must kiss Mike Delfino goodbye for good.
2 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC

The husbands of Wisteria Lane come together to serve as pallbearers at Mike's funeral.

3 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC


Sure, Vanessa Williams has great pipes, but who knew Renee could carry a tune? Unfortunately, we don't think a rendition of "Save the Best for Last" would really be appropriate considering the occasion.
4 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC


Susan mourns the loss of Mike with their son M.J. and her daughter Julie by her side. Will Mike's sudden death make Julie change her mind about her unborn child? Susan could use some good news right about now.
5 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC


Bree gathers with other Fairview residents to say goodbye. But the bad news may just be starting for Bree after Orson sent the police evidence regarding Alejandro's murder.
6 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC

Susan holds on tight to M.J.'s hand during the service.

7 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC

Gaby and Carlos put their recent differences aside to pay their final respects.

8 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC

Lynette and an ailing Mrs. McCluskey stick together — but where is Roy?

9 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC


Tom just had to bring his soon-to-be live-in girlfriend to the funeral, didn't he? Seriously, is Lynette regretting not letting the sour puss choke to death yet?
10 of 10 Danny Feld/ABC

Will Susan be able to hold it together long enough to speak at Mike's funeral?