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Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer a.k.a. Burt Macklin a.k.a. Johnny Karate a.k.a. Princess Rainbow Sparkle brings heart, joy, and absurdity to NBC's Parks and Recreation. We narrow down his most charming moments throughout the show's seven season run.

Parks and Rec, Chris Pratt
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1. 5,000 Candles in the Wind

When Andy wrote and performed "5,000 Candles in the Wind" for Li'l Sebastian's epic funeral service, it truly was 5,000 times better than "Candles in the Wind."

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2. Living in the Pit

After his breakup with Ann, Andy has an extended camping trip in the pit. Atoning for taking advantage of Ann's pity and care, Andy becomes more endearing in a sad-sack kind of way

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3. Burt Macklin

Though framed for stealing the President's rubies, his alter-ego Burt Macklin FBI, is exactly who we want on our side.

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4. Mouse Rat

Andy's rock career with Mouse Rat may never have taken off, but Andy as the frontman of a band makes him all the more alluring. Even if the band has been called Mouse Rat, Teddy Bear Suicide, Scarecrow Boat, God Hates Fangs, Department of Homeland Obscurity, Nothing Rhymes with Orange, Everything Rhymes with Orange, and more awesomely ridiculous names.

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5. Hogwarts

No, Andy, Buckingham Palace isn't Hogwarts. But how awesome would it be if it was?!

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6. Allergic to Sushi

Hey, we're allergic to sushi, too! Or at least we would be if we ever consumed "80 sushis," too.

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7. Champion

Andy and April adopt the adorable three-legged dog Champion, who is dog champion of everything except for digging. He's terrible at digging.

8 of 21 Colleen Hayes/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

8. Butter

Andy realizes butter is his favorite food in a delightful moment of pure joy, which of course involves eating freshly churned butter.

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9. Health Insurance

Taking advantage of Andy's health insurance, April and Andy visit a plethora of specialists in one day. While Andy severely needs glasses, his face is just too handsome for glasses (according to April).

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10. Food = Energy

Andy literally jumps (and kicks) for joy when he learns that "the food we eat becomes energy."

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11. Bucket List

April convinces Andy to spontaneously complete his bucket list, and they drive all the way to the Grand Canyon. Andy and April at the Grand Canyon would have been super cute enough without Andy hilariously asking at the last second, "Where's all the faces? The presidents?"

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12. Road House

Andy attempts to stall for Leslie's campaign donors as Ron sets up the cable for the debate viewing party by reenacting his favorite movies like Patrick Swayze's Road House. Many passionate air punches and kicks ensue.

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13. Running Is Impossible

Andy speaks to the lazy bones within us all when he decrees, after training with Chris for the police exam (and stripping down to his skivvies on the track), "Running is impossible."

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14. Andy and April’s Surprise Wedding

While a bit worrisome at the time, Andy and April's impromptu wedding after dating for only one month turned out to be the start of one of the show's strongest, most loving couples.

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15. Andy’s Confessions

Everyone has things we wouldn't like to admit, and Andy is no exception. The 98 percent of milk that isn't 2 percent fat remains a mystery to him. Plus, while he doesn't know who Al Gore is, at this point, he's too afraid to ask.

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16. Codenames

Burt Macklin takes over Leslie's campaign security and grants the team quintessentially Andy codenames: Eagle 1 (for himself), Been There Done That (Ann), Currently Doing That (April), It Happened Once In A Dream (Donna), If I Had To Pick A Dude (Chris), and Eagle 2 (Ben).

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17. Andy’s Audition Tape

Ann reveals Andy has auditioned for both Survivor and Deal or No Deal. We're privileged to see his intense, shirtless, fish-gutting audition tape...for Deal or No Deal.

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18. Women’s Studies

Andy academically challenges himself with a random foray into Intro to Women's Studies. He may study like a good Pavlovian dog (thanks to Cheetos treats), but he takes the class and its subject matter seriously. Take note guys, ladies find a guy who earnestly takes women's studies extra attractive.

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19. Andy’s Surprised Face

Pratt as Andy pulls the best, GIF-worthy reaction faces throughout the series, especially when he realizes he correctly guessed Ron's girlfriend Diane is pregnant.

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20. Princess Rainbow Sparkle

Since he's definitely a kid at heart, Andy is great with other kids, including Diane's daughters who crown him with a tiara and dub him Princess Rainbow Sparkle. The best part? He even ropes the uber-masculine Ron Swanson into the princess tea party!

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21. The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show

Andy finally finds his calling in children's music, writing and singing silly tunes kids love. Johnny Karate becomes successful enough to star in his very own Pawnee public access series. Anyone else wish we had more Pawnee on our TV?