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Readers rate the shows awaiting renewal

1 of 21 Kharen Hill/The CW


"I would hope to see Aliens in America come back, but unfortunately it's on the CW, which currently doesn't appear to be looking for the laughs and quality this show provides." (pstew)Odds of Survival: 3 out of 10, according to the Ausiello Report.
2 of 21 Carin Baer/Fox


"I kind of want Back to You to come back, but only if the quality of the show improves." (taikwon)Odds of Survival: 7
3 of 21 Adam Taylor/ABC


"I'll be glad to see Big Shots players in new roles. I had such hope for that cast but couldn't even finish the first episode." (mrsquiet)Odds of Survival: 0
4 of 21 Richard Cartwright/ABC


"Boston Legal is without a doubt one of the best shows on TV, with a stellar cast and incredible writing." (reesetess)Odds of Survival: 6
5 of 21 Cliff Lipson/CBS


"The cast of CBS' Cane is great, the storyline keeps you anticipating what will happen next.... And I love rum." (dlk2007)Odds of Survival: 2
6 of 21 Patrick Harbron/ABC


"I loved ABC's Cashmere Mafia. I thought it was much smarter than Lipstick Jungle, which only lasted three and a half episodes with me." (countryqueen)Odds of Survival: 0
7 of 21 Dean Hendler/ABC


Not a single TVGuide.com reader had anything to say in Cavemen's defense. All of which underscores the following:Odds of Survival: 0
8 of 21 Michael Ansell/ABC


"Eli Stone (ABC) has only gotten better week after week -- it has gotten more emotionally attaching." (eric7740)Odds of Survival: 7
9 of 21 Cliff Lipson/CBS


"How I Met Your Mother needs to come back. It is probably the best comedy since Friends!" (heroeslostfan)Odds of Survival: 8
10 of 21 Justin Lubin/NBC


"I would love to see Las Vegas get a closing episode! It was a nice way to spend Friday night, in front of the TV with pizza and beer." (llcook00)Odds of Survival: 0Odds of Closure: 2
11 of 21 Will Hart/USA

"Renew Law Order: CI for one reason and one reason only - Vincent D'Onofrio." (jos897)

12 of 21 David Bloomer/The CW

"[The CW's] Life Is Wild was wonderful, a great family show." (ndslattery)Odds of Survival: 0

13 of 21 Jack Rowand/ABC


"I thought Men in Trees was gonna have a terrific season with so many holdover episodes, and then we get hosed. They need to bring it back. I need my Marin-Jack fix." (scoobysnacks)Odds of Survival: 5
14 of 21 Adam Taylor/CBS


"With all my might, I'm praying for a second full season for Moonlight. MickBeth rules!" (zortil)Odds of Survival: 8
15 of 21 Barbara Nitke/Fox


"I was afraid New Amsterdam was going to be too close to Highlander (which, by the way, I liked), but I really liked how Nikolaj Coster-Waldau puts his heart in everything." (JMCowlishaw)Odds of survival: 4
16 of 21 Adam Taylor/Warner Bros./CBS


The New Adventures of Old Christine "is by far the funniest traditional sitcom out there, with a hilarious ensemble. Not a dud in the bunch!" (vmars77)Odds of Survival: 6 Odds of moving to ABC if CBS should cancel it: 10
17 of 21 Danny Feld/ABC


"I have scanned through all 24 pages of [the Ausiello Report] comments and there were 21 requests for news on October Road. We would really appreciate at least an edit mention here." (jeddiefan01)Odds of survival: 3
18 of 21 Sergei Bachlakov / The CW


"Reaper has gotten a lot better with the addition of the two demons. I'm interested in where that's going." (tom98006)Odds of Survival: 4
19 of 21 Cliff Lipson/CBS


"Shark is funny and James Woods is great in his role. If it doesn't come back, then it's one show coming off my list from CBS." (melaniejo)Odds of Survival: 5
20 of 21 Monty Brinton/CBS


"The Unit often gets dismissed as a basic meat-and-potatoes action show, but it has a moral ambiguity to it that is very rare for network television." (alynch)Odds of Survival: 5
21 of 21 Gale Adler/ABC


"I fully believe Angie Harmon and her Women's Murder Club cohorts can and will make this show something most people will come to enjoy." (busymom4kc)Odds of Survival: 4