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The friends of Friends entered their fair share of relationships, affairs, and, marriages. Which romance rises to the top?

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23. Joey and Rachel

The romance between Rachel and Joey opposed the known dynamic between the longtime pals. Luckily, things went no further than kissing, as the pair realized it was just too weird.

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22. Rachel and Barry

Thank goodness Rachel left Barry at the altar. It turns out he was shtupping Rachel's maid of honor and best friend, Mindy, behind her back!

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21. Ross and Carol

It seemed that everyone but Ross knew that he and Carol were not a perfect match. Even after their split, Ross and Carol still successfully co-parented their son, Ben, with the help of Carol's partner, Susan.

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20. Chandler and Janice

It's amazing Chandler dated Janice for so long. Half the time it seemed he couldn't stand her at all. The seasons-long relationship ended when Janice returned to her ex-husband.

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19. Monica and Timothy

Monica and Timothy flirted with the idea of starting a relationship. Unfortunately, there were two clear issues. First, Monica had dated Timothy's dad, Dr. Richard Burke. Second, Monica reminded Timothy of his mother. Thank goodness it ended before things could get weirder.

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18. Joey and Janine

One of the only women Joey had to work hard to romance was his Australian roommate Janine. But she didn't like Monica or Chandler, so she definitely had to go, even if she was supermodel gorgeous.

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17. Cathy and Joey (and Chandler)

Though Kathy insisted she didn't want to come between Joey and Chandler, she totally came between Joey and Chandler. In the end, Joey and Chandler's relationship was more important.

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16. Charlie and Ross

Charlie and Ross had similar intellectual interests, and the relationship could have gone far. But Charlie reunited with her ex and, of course, Ross and Rachel were always meant to be anyway.

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15. Ross and Julie

Julie got into the middle of the Ross and Rachel saga just as it was starting to kick off. No surprise her romance with Ross never went anywhere.

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14. Rachel and Russ

Rachel dated Russ, Ross's doppelganger, before realizing she was still having feelings for Ross. She dumped him soon after, and Russ found a quick rebound with Ross' other ex, Julie.

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13. Monica and Pete

Pete Becker wooed Monica with extravagant dates. Unfortunately, his obsession with UFC went overboard, causing Monica to break up with him.

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12. Phoebe and Gary

Phoebe took a big step with her cop boyfriend, Gary, when she agreed to move in with him. But peace-loving Phoebe freaked when Gary shot a loud, chirping bird, and their relationship ended.

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11. Ross and Elizabeth

The age difference was bad enough. But the student-teacher dynamic between Ross and Elizabeth was against university rules and super icky.

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10. Rachel and Paul

The best part of Ross's and Elizabeth's relationship? The brief romance between Rachel and Paul, Elizabeth's dad. Paul was delightful when tormenting Ross and wooing Rachel, but not when he cried in bed.

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9. Phoebe and David

David was one of the only guys who "got" Phoebe. But when it came down to choosing her or his work in Minsk, he picked the capital of Belarus. He returned seasons later, but Phoebe had moved on with her soon-to-be husband, Mike.

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8. Joey and Erin

We all rooted for Joey and Erin. Too bad Erin wasn't as into it as much as Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and all of us.

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7. Ross and Emily

Poor Emily. Ross and Emily could have been the perfect couple, save for the fact that Ross' love for Rachel made him say her name at his wedding. Awkward.

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6. Carol and Susan

They had a rocky start, with Carol still married to Ross and all. But Susan and Carol had one of the most enduring relationships on the show. Also, their wedding was the first lesbian wedding to air on network TV.

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5. Jack and Judy

In a series full of people falling in and out of love, Monica and Ross' parents, Jack and Judy, had a solid relationship. No wonder Ross and Monica never wanted to settle! They grew up with a great example of love.

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4. Phoebe and Mike

Their first meeting came about due to a lie (way to go, Joey!), but Phoebe and Mike got along so well that they fell in love and got married.

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3. Monica and Richard

Even with 20 years between them, Monica and Richard's relationship was one of the sweetest on the series. Ultimately, the question of having children was a deal-breaker for them.

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2. Ross and Rachel

The ultimate will they or won't they TV romance, Ross and Rachel had an iconic relationship. Their love story had epic moments, but their 10-season journey to a happy ending felt lengthy.

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1. Monica and Chandler

Could Monica and Chandler be any more perfect? Their love affair wasn't as dramatic as Ross and Rachel's, but they developed a heartwarming relationship with a secret affair, a candlelit engagement, a beautiful wedding and the adoption of twins. It's hard to imagine them not together, which makes them the best Friends couple ever.