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Check out the moments that had us buzzing at the watercooler

1 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC

Lost Finale

More than six months later, many of us Lost-ies still haven't let go of the ABC drama. But we can all take a note or two from the show's spiritual two-and-a-half-hour series finale, in which Jack learns from his dad, Christian, that he and all of his island-mates are, in fact, dead in the sideways world. In denial at first, Jack eventually accepts this truth, as a white light bathes the group and we see Jack's final living moments end in the blink of an eye. Don't even get us started on Vincent.
2 of 15 Win McNamee/Getty Images


President Barack Obama's Oval Office Address on the BP Oil Spil Addressing what he called the "worst environmental disaster America has ever faced," President Barack Obama outlined an aggressive recovery plan for the BP oil spill in a speech from the Oval Office — a set-up reserved for only the most serious presidential announcements.
3 of 15 NBC

The Late-Night Debacle

NBC's scheduling shuffle that resulted in the deposing of Conan O'Brien and the reinstatement of Jay Leno to the Tonight Show throne brought out the best in the late-night kings of comedy. David Letterman relished mocking his longtime frenemy Leno and Jimmy Kimmel devilishly dressed up as the chinned one. Even O'Brien had a few laughs at his own expense, but nothing tops his poignant goodbye speech, in which he offered kind words for NBC and pleads with fans not to be cynical. O'Brien returned to the airwaves in November on TBS. It's good to have you back, Coco.
4 of 15 AMC

The Walking Dead's Bloody Invisible Cloak

What's a guy to do when he wakes up thick in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse? Try to blend in as much as possible, of course. In the case of Rick Grimes and fellow survivor Glenn, this means ripping apart a zombie corpse and covering yourself guts so that you can walk among the flesh-eaters undetected. Just watch out for rain clouds.
5 of 15 Fox

24's Jack Bauer Silences Dana Walsh (Finally)

It's always good to see Jack Bauer take down the bad guy, but it was especially rewarding for fans when he finally put double agent Dana Walsh out of her misery. After trying to sabotage the CTU the entire season (and becoming one of the series' most despised characters), Jack finally corners Dana and shoots her dead despite her plea for mercy.
6 of 15 ABC

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Finale

What starts out as just another day at Seattle Grace turns into a shocking and downright disturbing two hours of television — and the start of major creative rejuvenation for Grey's Anatomy. Viewers collectively began holding their breath when a crazed gunman shot Reed in the forehead and Alex in the side. Before the episode ended, Percy was also dead, McDreamy was also gunned down and Meredith had lost her baby.
7 of 15 Gregory Brothers

Antoine Dodson's "Bed Intruder Song"

Run and tell that! Dodson rose to viral fame over the summer after his unintentionally hilarious account of his heroic efforts in scaring off an intruder who broke into his sister's bedroom was turned into a catchy tune by The Gregory Brothers. Dodson performed it on the BET Awards, and the song peaked at No. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100, cracking the chart solely on iTunes downloads — making it the most awesome thing to ever come out of a crime.
8 of 15 Martin Bernetti/AFP/Getty Images

Chilean Miners' Rescue

Look up "joy" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of the 33 Chilean miners who emerged from underground after 69 days and a 22 1/2-hour widely broadcast rescue mission as jovial — and inspirational — as ever.
9 of 15 AMC

"The Suitcase," Mad Men

Ali vs. Liston was the cultural reference in this episode of the AMC drama, but it's Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss who deliver the knock-out performances (paging Emmy voters!). Focusing almost exclusively on Don and Peggy, the compellingly raw hour features the two sharing intimate details about themselves during a night of dining, drinking and fighting (with Duck). It culminates with Don breaking down in front of his protégé after learning that Anna has indeed died, bringing them closer than ever before.
10 of 15 Vince Bucci/Fox

Simon Cowell's Idol Farewell

A collection of Idol's past winners perform together on stage to say goodbye to Simon Cowell, the judge who arguably first made Idol the juggernaut that it is. After nine years, the normally acid-tongued Cowell finally showed his soft(er) side and shared his deep appreciation for the show. Plus, seeing Paula Abdul back at the judges table (on Simon's lap, of all things!) is a fitting goodbye for the sweet-and-sour duo.
11 of 15 ABC


The View's Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg Walk Out on Bill O'Reilly When the ladies of The View asked Bill O'Reilly why people would object to the construction of a Muslim community center planned near Ground Zero, the Fox News personality simply replied, "Because Muslims killed us on 9/11." A visibly offended Joy Behar said, "I don't want to sit here with you" and stormed off the stage, followed by Whoopi Goldberg, with cheers from the audience. The two later returned after Barbara Walters reprimanded their "unprofessional" behavior and O'Reilly apologized.
12 of 15 Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.com

Jimmy Fallon Glee-Ful Emmy Opening

From Betty White's sweet new dance moves to Jane Lynch's slushie assault, Jimmy Fallon's Glee homage hit all the right notes when it came to paying tribute to the year in TV. (Yes, even that unfortunate reminder of Kate Gosselin's awful Dancing with the Stars stint). Rather than mock and ridicule the trends, Fallon gathered a smorgasbord of small-screen talent to perform Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run." The result: a warmly hilarious and infectious opening number that brought everyone to their feet.
13 of 15 MTV

The Hills Ends on a Soundstage

Once Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag went their separate ways and Spencer Pratt became a household name, it was hard for even the most die-hard fans of The Hills not to question the reality of the glossy MTV series. The producers cheekily embraced the show's biggest question during the finale when, in the final shot, Kristin Cavallari's tearful goodbye to ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner was revealed to have taken place on a sound stage.
14 of 15 AFP Photo/Saul Loeb/Getty Images


Ozzy and Cat Stevens Collide at Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear When Comedy Central anchors Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert battle it out in Washington, D.C., with dueling rallies, they bring some famous friends along for the fight. To restore sanity, Yusuf (formerly known as Cat Stevens) performs "Peace Train" only to be interrupted repeatedly by fear monger Ozzy Osbourne's rendition of "Crazy Train." In the end, the O'Jays top everyone with "Love Train," natch.
15 of 15 WGN

Mel Gibson Calls Reporter an A--Hole

News that Mel Gibson has a temper is so 2004, but you would think his posse would have reminded him to keep a lid on it during his supposed comeback. After a TV reporter asks him about his bad publicity, Gibson acts offended and then quietly calls the guy an ass---- once he thinks the interview is over. Perhaps this was just the warm-up for the profanity-laden audio rants that would eventually become public.