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Gear up for Season 3 with our handy recap

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 The CW

Vincent and Catherine together again ... or are they?

Season 2 opened with an almost satisfying reunion of Vincent and Catherine. But there was something even more beastly about him.
2 of 11 The CW

The past is never dead.

Cat attended her high school reunion. Meanwhile, Vincent met up with Zach, his former military friend, who had a deadly secret of his own. The past plays a large role throughout season 2, including the final episode, where Cat finds a journal from her ancestor, Rebecca Reynolds.
3 of 11 The CW

Agent Reynolds comes full circle.

Cat's father, Agent Reynolds, takes on a guiding role in season 2. Most of the season, the audience wondered if he wanted to be closer to Cat or Vincent. He may not fully support his daughter's choice in men, and he does try to blow Vincent up, but he comes to understand things don't always work out the way he wants (as seen with Gabe).
4 of 11 The CW

Tori's sacrifice.

Poor Tori never had a chance. She was just that girl meant to keep the hero (Vincent) from the heroine (Cat) so fans could spend a few more weeks shouting at their televisions. But still, she receives an honorable mention for the brief time where we wondered: Would they or wouldn't they?
5 of 11 The CW

Is Vincent losing his humanity?

This question puzzled the audience for most of Sason 2. The beast side seemed to be gaining ground, and many questions swirled about Vincent's captivity and what exactly happened during that time. But the bigger question here, of course, is: What does this do to Vincent and Cat?
6 of 11 The CW

Vincent wants revenge.

After nearly getting killed, Vincent wants to kill Reynolds. Cat says he'll lose his humanity if he does. The group chooses to extort Reynolds into an admission. Vincent busts into the scene and tries to kill Reynolds. Cat shoots Vincent, who runs away and arrests her dad.
7 of 11 The CW

Find that gem.

The gem might be the clue to Vincent's beast past, and the gem seems to be traced to Cat's ancestry as well. But we know what it is: a sneaky little device to keep these star-crossed lovers on the same path, whether they know it or not.
8 of 11 The CW

Agent Landon's faked death.

A faux funeral masking as a stakeout, Sam seeming undisturbed, and a mystery surrounding his young son's death made for a juicy turn.
9 of 11 The CW

Gabe relapses.

Gabe has spent most of the season atoning for past mistakes. In the end, he goes back to being a beast and sets his sights on Vincent.
10 of 11 The CW

JT and Tess? Finally!

These besties are finally moving their relationship forward, despite the fact JT almost dies.
11 of 11 Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Cat doesn't allow history to repeat itself.

Thanks to Rebecca's journal, Cat learns from her ancestor and sets Vincent free, saving him from the same fate as Alistair. Now you're caught up and ready for season 3!