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See the characters whose stories could end and save us all the time and money

1 of 13 Katherine Bomboy Thornton/ABC

Teddy Conrad (Eric Close), Nashville

Teddy's story line adds a layer of political drama to Nashville, but his shady back-room deals and power-hungry conspiracies feel out of place on a show that's otherwise about the rivalries and love lives among a group of musicians in Music City. Now that he and Rayna have finally decided to get divorced, it's the perfect opportunity for him to exit the show gracefully.
2 of 13 Randy Tepper/Showtime

Detective Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington), Dexter

Ever since Deb broke off her relationship with Joey, the Miami homicide detective has become an ineffectual joke. He's started nailing everything with ovaries, including key people involved in ongoing investigations. Not very smart, dude. It's clear that he lost his objectivity long ago, but this past season, became a liability. Please let him die a hero in the line of duty soon!
3 of 13 Scott Green/NBC

Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch), Grimm

During the first season, Juliette was hopelessly useless as the girlfriend who knew nothing about her boyfriend Nick's calling as a Grimm. In Season 2, she still knows nothing, but is also under a spell that gives her the hots for her boyfriend's boss. Ew! How is she helping to fight the good Wesen fight again?
4 of 13 Fox

Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) and Joe (Samuel Larsen), Glee

Gleeks are well aware of the size requirements bestowed upon Ohio high school singing groups, but last time we checked, Sugar can barely hold a note. Sure, she's served as a love interest for glee club members at various times, but her long-term purpose on the show has never been fully realized. The same goes for devout Christian club prez Joe, who will always be remembered for sticking with Quinn through her nasty car crash before she threw him out with yesterday's tater tots. If only Glee would do the same.
5 of 13 Carol Kaelson/ABC

Mr. Wolfe (Rex Lee), Suburgatory

After being on the receiving end of Jeremy Piven's on-screen tirades for so long on Entourage, it's nice to see Rex Lee get the respect he deserves on the ABC comedy. But in such a crowded ensemble of comedy vets that includes Ana Gasteyer, Cheryl Hines and Chris Parnell, there's really no need for Chatswin High's funny but slightly disconnected leader. Especially when Subugatory someday addresses the dreaded TV issue of graduation.
6 of 13 ABC


Dr. Webber and the Interns (James Pickens, Jr., Tessa Ferrer, Camilla Luddington, Gaius Charles, Tina Majorino, Jerrika Hinton), Grey's Anatomy New interns seem to always going to be useless red shirts until Shonda Rhimes figures out they're not clicking with the audience (see also: the hospital massacre), but Webber has overstayed his welcome at Seattle Grace. If he's not the Chief, then he's really just an old doctor who hasn't figured out when it's time to leave. A move to Boston to work alongside Catherine Avery would be a perfect out. Just sayin'.
7 of 13 Danny Feld/NBC


Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia), Parenthood After four seasons of weeping for/with the Braverman clan, it's hard to imagine cutting anyone from the show. But the NBC ensemble is known to be one of the network's pricier dramas, and rumors say it would only earn a Season 5 renewal if the budget gets cut. So, for the sake of getting a renewal, Zeek and Camille should be the first to go. We love them and all, but aside from the occasional pep talk, their biggest contributions are their four children and their families, who could all always use a little extra screen time.
8 of 13 Jack Rowand/ABC

Red/Ruby (Meghan Ory), Once Upon a Time

Sure, Red is great in small, supportive doses, but the Once producers had to notice that the stellar kickoff to the show's sophomore season was marred by a drop of at least 1.4 million viewers during the Red-centric episode "Child of the Moon." As the ABC fantasy series adds more and more new fairy tale characters, we can only hope that they'll decide to put this wolf down.
9 of 13 Greg Gayne/Fox

Winston (Lamorne Morris), New Girl

As the title states, this comedy is all about the new girl. While Nick and Schmidt fit easily in her world (the former has feelings for her and the latter is dating her best friend), but Winston has absolutely no place in Jess' life. His new fling with Brenda Song's Daisy is cute, but it's not enough to warrant his continued uselessness on the series. It's high time Winston pack up his bags and let a female move in to add some new drama to this comedy.
10 of 13 Richard Cartwright/ABC

Aiden (Barry Sloane), Revenge

Fans were never going to root for Emily and Aiden as a couple (Team Jack!) or for him and Emily to be sidekicks (Team Nolan!), so what's the point of having him, other than to help introduce even more convoluted arcs to the already complicated plot?
11 of 13 Sven Frenzel/The CW

Tess (Nina Lisandrello), Beauty and the Beast

Very little of Tess' story line has been developed, including the supposed affair she's having with her boss. As a result, she's ended up on the periphery within the procedural aspect of the show, which is already secondary.
12 of 13 Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Matt (Zach Roerig), The Vampire Diaries

Yes, Matt serves a purpose as the only human on the show, but as the plots continue to focus on the supernatural, there's less of a reason to keep him around. Plus: With his sister and best friend dead and his ex now a vampire, wouldn't he realize it's time to get new friends?
13 of 13 Jordin Althaus/Fox

Beverly (Beth Grant), The Mindy Project

Wasn't nurse Beverly fired for a reason? The recently departed Shauna might not have been anyone's favorite character, but she at least fit in around the young, hot gynecologists' office. Beverly's surly and bigoted attitude doesn't quite mesh with the show's quirky, rom-com feel. Plus, why waste time on the former nurse when we could get more of Danny and Mindy's sexual tension or Jeremy's British charm?