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Just because it's a cartoon, doesn't mean children should be watching

cathy suhocki
Animated Shows not for Kids, Family Guy
1 of 10 FOX

1. Family Guy (Fox)

Oh cute, a doggie! Not so fast. Bryan's not your average puppy dog. But even with dating struggles and a bit of a drinking problem, he's the tamest one of the bunch.

2 of 10 FX

2. Archer (FX)

The show: Archer. The rating: TV-MA. This series is for mature audiences due to its (hilarious) depiction of a super spy living up the lifestyle of exotic locations, booze and sex.

3 of 10 Comedy Central

3. South Park (Comedy Central)

Political commentary sprinkled with bathroom humor is a recipe not suitable for children. After all, South Park's shock-value aesthetic is even too much for some adults.

4 of 10 Adult Swim

4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force / Aqua Unit Patrol Squad / Aqua Something You Know/Whatever (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim)

Many names, same adult-targeted show, which originated as Aqua Teen Hunger Force at the turn of the century and became a classic for then teens (and younger kids who shouldn't have been watching).

5 of 10 FOX

5. American Dad (Fox)

America? Cool! Aliens? Cool! Chauvinist versus feminist ideals? Hang on, wait. Maybe the kiddos should sit this series out.

6 of 10 Adult Swim

6. Squidbillies (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim)

This ain't Care Bears, folks. These foul-mouthed, nasty squid friends are not destined to be made into this year's must-have holiday stuffed-toy set.

7 of 10 Adult Swim

7. Robot Chicken (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim)

Robot Chicken is just, strange. Frequently it's viewed and enjoyed by people who are not exactly in a sober state. And to not be sober you must be--yep, you guessed it!--a grown up.

struggles and a bit of a drinking problem, he's the tamest one of the bunch.

8 of 10 Adult Swim

8. The Boondocks (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim)

Strings of expletives and the volatile social themes are for adults only. Though this is an excellent choice for after the kids go to bed. Pro tip: Keep the volume low.

9 of 10 Adult Swim

9. Mr. Pickles (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim)

Mr. Pickles is not your average pup. Save yourself the agony of telling your little cousin he can't have a satanic dog for his birthday by not watching this with him.

10 of 10 Adult Swim

10. Rick and Morty (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim)

Okay, here's a rule: Everything on Adult Swim is for adults. Hence the "Adult" part. Rick and Morty is no exception, even if the main character happens to be a kid.