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Think you have what it takes to tackle Stage 1? Find out how far we went…

Shaun Harrison
1 of 12 NBC


Think you've got what it takes to be an American Ninja Warrior? senior reporter Natalie Abrams tried!
2 of 12 NBC

It's time to become a ninja!

3 of 12 NBC

No, seriously. How do people do this?

4 of 12 NBC

Let's just hold on for dear life... on step 1.

5 of 12 NBC

Wait, I have to jump where?

6 of 12 NBC


7 of 12 NBC

Clearly, I didn't make it.

8 of 12 NBC


For the record, after the first three real Ninjas also didn't make it, they adjusted the steps to be closer. So, that totally means that I could've made it, right?
9 of 12 NBC

It's cold in here, but I'm still happy I tried.

10 of 12 NBC

Yes, this officially makes me a Ninja!

11 of 12 Brandon Hickman/NBC

Host Matt Iseman doesn't really want to hug me because I'm soaking.

12 of 12 Brandon Hickman/NBC

But Ninja Brent Steffensen is used to it!