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TVGuidecom readers rate the remaining wannabes

1 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 3) Syesha has squeaked through to the final three Idols, but she still can't crack double digits in our power rankings. She only scored 9.0 percent of the vote.
2 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Syesha: "Did Syesha ruin any chance she had of making the finals by bringing her politcally views out in the open" (capman)
3 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Syesha: I think Syesha will do very well after AI. She has what it takes. (thebigone)
4 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 2) David A.'s dad may have been banned from backstage, but that doesn't seem to have slowed down his popularity on the show. He scored the highest percentage in our power rankings since the Top 10 began, garnering 29.7 percent of the vote.
5 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate David A.: "[He] deserves his spot in the Top 3 (even deserves to win, IMO). He has an awesome voice, and I think the rest will come with the AI title. (Catlovergirl)
6 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate David A.: "He reminds me of the girls groomed from an early age to participate in pageants, only he has been groomed for singing competitions. (graymatters)
7 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 1) David Cook is still wowing the judges and audience with his original takes popular songs. He scored a huge 61.3 percent of our power ranking vote. Is there any stopping Cookie from winning it all
8 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate David C.: "I still don't like David Cook. I thought his Who song was pretty good but everything he does seems like an act to me." (xtine16)
9 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate David C: "I loved both of David C.'s performances Tuesday, as I have loved all his other performances. He is absolutely amazing and definitely deserves the win! Go Cookie!" (Lostie_44)