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1 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Paige Miles

After miraculously making the top 12, Paige has the most to prove. Simon & Co. have continuously reminded us that Paige has potential, but if she wants to stick around, she needs to tap into that stash ASAP.
2 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Lacey Brown (tie)

She's been mediocre at best throughout the semifinals, so she's really going to have to elevate her karaoke-style belting to something memorable in short order. Let's just hope she doesn't murder another Fleetwood Mac song in the process.
3 of 12 Aaron Rapoport/Fox

Tim Urban (tie)

Ah, the little cute kid who could. Tim is basically still on the show because Ellen thinks he's adorable, but he (and his dimples) are way out of his league vocally. We honestly can't believe he ever survived the "Apologize" debacle.
4 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Aaron Kelly (tie)

His low ranking somewhat surprises us, but he's coming off a really sour week that probably should have sent him packing instead of Alex Lambert. Aaron does have a voice that is beyond his 16 years, but he doesn't have the Archuleta factor that we think is necessary for him to go deep into the finals.
5 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Katie Stevens (tie)

Like Paige, Katie has to overcome some massive viewer uproar that she survived elimination while quirky Lilly Scott got the boot. Katie has to get control over her lower register and pick a song that showcases the big-voice-in-a-tiny-package element that made the judges love her back in Hollywood Week.
6 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Andrew Garcia

We're sick of hearing about his Paula Abdul cover. (Not that we didn't love it, but the judges won't let it go.) As such, Andrew has tried to recreate that magic week after week. Our advice to Andrew: Do something completely different to silence the judges and provide a little variety. That last thing we want to hear is your take on "Womanizer."
7 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Didi Benami (tie)

We're glad she finally broke out her guitar again. Even though there are too many ax-wielding contestants this season, Didi needs to stick with her singer-songwiter vibe. She has one of the most pleasant voices in the competition.
8 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Casey James (tie)

We like Casey, despite the debacle of his audition-round shirtlessness. His song choices have been hit or miss in the semifinals, but something tells us the big stage is going to love this guy. He does need to show a little more energy: His eyes alone can't win the title for him.
9 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Lee Dewyze

The fact that Lee hasn't delivered a single song completely in tune all season doesn't seem to matter to our readers. He has a certain charm, and his voice stands apart from this group of lackluster men. But at some point, singing with technical precision will matter, despite what Ellen says.
10 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Michael Lynche

He's becoming the teddy bear he was always destined to be, and it's showing in his high ranking. As much as he probably likes doing Maroon 5 covers, they just aren't working for him. If he can tone down some of the hamminess, he may be a serious contender.
11 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Siobhan Magnus

Simon called her a dark horse, but after two strong weeks, we'd call her a front-runner. She's got an oddball, Allison Iraheta vibe when she's not singing, but as long as she keeps (glass) blowing down the doors with her vocals, she'll be around for a while.
12 of 12 Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Crystal Bowersox

The judges have made it clear again and again that this season is Crystal's to lose. We're not so convinced, if only because we're waiting for some Adam Lambert-style backlash. A whopping 45 percent of our readers, however, are on Team Bowersox. We have to admit: She hasn't made a bad song choice yet.