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From demented witches to really mean clowns, these characters are as evil as AHS gets

1 of 32 Kurt Iswarienko/FX

Who's the baddest of them all?

Every season of American Horror Story is filled with morally questionable and murderous characters, and the newest season, Apocalypse, certainly seems to continue the trend. But only one character can actually be the worst. Take a look at this chilling list of characters, ranked from moderately bad to straight-up evil.

2 of 32 Michael Yarish/FX

31. Sister Mary Eunice (Asylum)

Mary Eunice was an innocent, but the demon who possessed her was incredibly evil, so we're torn.

3 of 32 FX

30. Bette and Dot (Freak Show)

Sure, Bette may have killed their mother in a fit of rage and Dot may have attempted to kill her sister so she could have a solo singing career, but they were mostly sweet to everyone else.

4 of 32 FX/Michele K. Short

29. Madison Montgomery (Coven)

Despite her lack of actual murdering plots, Madison is the meanest witch you'll ever meet.

5 of 32 FX

28. Masked Clown Cult (Cult)

We don't know much about them yet, except that they wear clown masks and murder people in their homes. But that ranks evil enough to make the cut.

6 of 32 FX

27. Elsa Mars (Freak Show)

Who decides that the best way to end an argument with your best friend is to kill them? Certainly not a good person.

7 of 32 FX

26. Dell Toledo (Freak Show)

Self-hatred and homophobia are responsible for most of Dell's bad behaviors, but that doesn't mean he'll ever be forgiven for killing sweet Ma Petite.

8 of 32 Ray Mickshaw/FX

25. Larry Harvey (Murder House)

Harvey may be more pathetic than truly evil, but he cheated on his wife, left his children and then killed Beauregard all in the name of unrequited love, so he's not without some major faults.

9 of 32 FX

24. Dr. Alex Lowe (Hotel)

This good-intentioned doctor was just trying to save her son, but we can't forget that she created a gang of murderous children along the way.

10 of 32 Ray Mickshaw/FX

23. Ben Harmon (Murder House)

As if being a serial cheater weren't bad enough, Ben had to go and bury his ex-mistress in the backyard. Not a good look.

11 of 32 FX

22. Gloria Mott (Freak Show)

Gloria didn't actively kill anyone herself, but she did enable her son's serial killing by helping him hide bodies, so... she's not great.

12 of 32 FX

21. John Lowe (Hotel)

We were shocked to learn about John's murderous activities. He may not have been of sound mind during his murders, but that doesn't make him that much less evil.

13 of 32 FX/Michele K. Short

20. The Axe Man (Coven)

The Axe Man is a wronged dude with a murderous agenda who only saves people who listen to jazz. He's pretty much the evil version of Ryan Gosling's character in La La Land.

14 of 32 FX

19. Constance (Murder House)

Constance isn't all bad. She might have murdered her husband and maid for their affair, but who hasn't been tempted to do that?

15 of 32 FX

18. Mama Polk (Roanoke)

Mama Polk was only trying to protect her inbred family, but she did so by luring tourists into the woods to slaughter them and turn them into jerky.

16 of 32 FX

17. Witch Of The Woods (Roanoke)

As the first Supreme Witch, she not only murdered countless strangers, but she's also to blame for centuries of evil witches who came after her.

17 of 32 FX

16. Johnny Morgan (Asylum)

It's not entirely Johnny's fault that he turned out to be evil; what do you expect when your father is one of the scariest serial killers out there?

18 of 32 FX

15. Stanley (Freak Show)

Stanley is a murderous con man, unafraid to let others suffer for his own financial gain. Smarmy evil.

19 of 32 FX

14. The Countess (Hotel)

We don't even know how many hotel dwellers she tortured and murdered, but we'd wager it was a lot. Still, she makes evil look good.

20 of 32 FX

13. Twisty The Clown (Freak Show)

Twisty is arguably AHS's scariest face. Just look at it! But once you learn his tragic backstory, it's hard not to sympathize a little.

21 of 32 FX

12. The Butcher (Roanoke)

This murderous mob leader trapped and killed centuries of innocents just because a witch told her to. At least have the decency to get some evil backbone.

22 of 32 FX

11. Tate Langdon (Murder House)

Learning that Tate was not only a school shooter but also a future rapist was absolutely the biggest plot twist of Season 1. Who could have suspected what evil lurked behind that boyish face?

23 of 32 Michele K. Short/FX

10. Marie Laveau (Coven)

Marie did so much good for her community, but she also killed a baby every year for centuries to maintain her immortality. That's a lot of dead babies.

24 of 32 FX

9. Fiona Goode (Coven)

There's nothing good about this witch. She was willing to kill every member of her coven, including her own daughter, to avoid giving up her spot as The Supreme. We'd say that's pretty evil.

25 of 32 FX

8. Infantata (Murder House)

Infantata had no control over his fate; he was Frankenstein-ed out of dead baby parts to become the bloodsucking monster that he is. That said, thinking about him still gives us chills. There's a reason his creators kept him hidden in their basement for decades.

26 of 32 FX

7. James Patrick March (Hotel)

Who builds a hotel specifically to help famous murderers continue murdering people? A truly evil person, that's who.

27 of 32 Frank Ockenfels/FX

6. Kai Anderson (Cult)

Kai Anderson is a racist misogynist who dreams of a place where men rule all. Thank goodness (spoiler!) he doesn't survive the season.

28 of 32 FX

5. Dandy Mott (Freak Show)

What makes Dandy extra evil is that he could have had a really great life if he'd wanted to, but he chose to be a murderer instead. And a spoiled, angry man-child is a villain we all know and can be terrified of.

29 of 32 FX

4. Papa Legba (Coven)

Papa Legba is your run-of-the-mill innocent-eating spirit. Evil is literally his job description. All those babies Marie killed? Well, he ate them. Yikes.

30 of 32 FX

3. Bloody Face (Asylum)

He literally cut the skin off his helpless and trusting patients to decorate furniture. Plus, there's something extra evil about a serial killer who poses as a trustworthy doctor. Gross and evil.

31 of 32 Byron Cohen/FX

2. Dr. Arthur Arden (Asylum)

He was a Nazi doctor, a murderer and a rapist. That's the evil trifecta.

32 of 32 FX/Michele K. Short

1. Marie Delphine LaLaurie (Coven)

This bigoted witch brutally tortured hundreds of slaves in her attic for centuries, all for the sake of her immortality. Pure evil.