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At only 19, Robbie Kay has acted alongside some of the biggest names in the biz ... and now he's got a new show

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Before he landed a gig on NBC's upcoming Heroes Reborn, Robbie Kay was a child actor. But he didn't take the usual Nickelodeon route. Instead, the now-19-year-old budding star stretched himself in roles ranging from network-TV fairy tales to heavy dramas.

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Drama kid

Kay was just an 11-year-old cutie when he played a key role in the 2007 Canadian drama Fugitive Pieces. Kay played the young version of a the main character, Jakob Beer, who was orphaned during World War II. Among his seasoned co-stars: future Game of Thrones actor Stephen Dillane.

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No strings on him

Child actors often get big breaks shooting family or holiday films. For Kay, that break was the 2008 British-Italian mini-series Pinocchio.

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A-list colleagues

At 16, most kids are thinking about drivers' licenses and college entrance exams. Kay was busy co-starring as the Cabin Boy alongside Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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And more A-list colleagues

Depp isn't the only high-level actor in Kay's group of colleagues; Fugitive Pieces co-starred Rosamund Pike, the actress who later scored an Oscar nomination for Gone Girl. In winning the Fugitive Pieces role, Kay beat out 150 other boy hopefuls.

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He's a critical darling

Critics love Kay, too. Entertainment writers have marveled over his "heartbreaking way of looking utterly lost" and "intensity of purpose."

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He never grew up

Kay finally got some mainstream American attention during the third season of ABC's Once Upon A Time, playing a jaded Peter Pan who no longer believes in pixie dust.

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He'll be back on the seven seas soon enough

Speculation is already rampant that Kay will re-team with Johnny Depp for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, due out in 2017.

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He's a mysterious hero ... reborn

NBC's new Heroes Reborn will include Kay in the cast ... but his role, as of now, remains a mystery.