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The X-FIles was one of the best talent factories in TV history

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Seth Green

The future Buffy star played a helpful stoner in The X-Files' second episode.

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Doug Hutchison

Before becoming Mr. Courtney Stodden, the Green Mile actor appeared as a liver-eating mutant with the ability to stretch his body in two episodes.

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Donal Logue

The Gotham star played a colleague of Scully's who didn't approve of her association with "Spooky" Mulder.

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Felicity Huffman

The Desperate Housewives star appeared in Season 1's rip-off of The Thing as a toxicologist infected with rage-inducing parasitic worms.

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Mark Sheppard

Before wreaking havoc on Supernatural, Sheppard played a murderous arsonist with the ability to conjure fire out of thin air.

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Bradley Whitford

The West Wing star went full Rambo in The X-Files episode "Firewalker" to stop a deadly fungus.

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Terry O'Quinn

The Lost alum played three separate characters on The X-Files. He first appeared as a philandering police sergeant, again as an FBI agent in "Fight for the Future"and finally, a super-soldier known as The Shadow Man.

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Dean Norris

The Breaking Bad star teamed up with Mulder to track down an escaped convict with contagious exploding pustules.

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Tony Shaloub

The Monk star played a man who was literally afraid of his own shadow. And for good reason — it could actually kill!

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Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi

In Season 3's "D.P.O." Ribisi played a murderous outcast with power over electricity. Black played Ribisi's only friend, who winds up being electrocuted after he's suspected of ratting out Ribisi.

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Willie Garson

The Sex and the City star appeared in two episodes, Season 3's "The Walker" and "The Goldberg Variation" with Shia LaBeouf.

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Jewel Staite

Before boarding Serenity on Firefly, Staite played the victim of a kidnapping.

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Ryan Reynolds

Future stud-muffin Reynolds was a slightly chubby teenager murdered by two psychically connected girls in "Syzygy."

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Michael Buble

The famous crooner appeared uncredited in two episodes of The X-Files. He later said he was kicked off set for stealing a hot dog.

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BD Wong

Everyone's favorite SVU psychologist once played a bad cop on The X-Files. Benson would not approve.

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Lucy Liu

In the same episode B.D. Wong appeared, Liu also popped up in a tiny guest role as a sick woman.

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Luke Wilson

Wilson appeared as a buck-toothed sheriff in one of the most beloved episodes of all time, Season 5's "Bad Blood."

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Laurie Holden

Before The Walking Dead, X-Files fans knew Holden as Syndicate agent Marita Covarrubias, who appeared in 10 episodes.

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Bryan Cranston

Before Breaking Bad, Cranston proved his ability to play likable bad guys as a sympathetic bigot in "Drive."

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Mark Pellegrino

In "Hungry," the Lost alum played an aspiring blackmailer with an unforgettable name: Derwood Spinks.

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Octavia Spencer

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance, Spencer played a nurse named Octavia.

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Shia LaBeouf

If you ever long for the days when LaBeouf was a lovable child actor, just watch "The Goldberg Variation," in which the actor plays a bedridden boy with liver problems.

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Kathy Griffin

In the episode "Fight Club," the comedienne got to play identical twins, Lulu and Betty, who cause violent reactions when they're near each other.

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Joe Morton

Before playing Papa Pope on Scandal, Morton played a man who began experiencing time backward after his wife is murdered.

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Bellamy Young

Scandal's First Lady appeared as a lawyer in The X-Files' eighth season.

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Adam Baldwin

The Firefly star had a recurring role as Rohrer, a Syndicate hybrid soldier.

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Aaron Paul

Yet another Breaking Bad star, Paul appeared in "Lord of the Flies" as a rowdy teenager who auditioned for a Jackass rip-off Dumbass.

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Jane Lynch

Appearing in the same episode as Aaron Paul, the Glee starred played an insect woman with the ability to shoot webbing from her mouth.

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Michael Emerson

Before Lost, Emerson starred in one of The X-Files' final episodes as a man with psychokinetic powers and an obsession with The Brady Bunch.

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Vince Gilligan

Though not a guest star, Gilligan deserves some acknowledgement. Before creating Breaking Bad, Gilligan was a writer and producer on The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen.And thank god. It was through The X-Files that Gilligan first worked with Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Dean Norris.