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See TVs biggest stars stepping out in the hottest fashions

Shaun Harrison
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Old Christine's Julia Louis-Dreyfus is stunning in her salmon-colored gown. Looks like she's still got plenty of Adventures left in her.
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Ghost Whisperer's Jennifer Love Hewitt works a strapless black and white gown that would even please the dead.
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Holly Hunter always picks flattering colors and cuts for her buffed bod, and this dress is no exception. We do wish she'd done something with her hair, but the dress totally works.
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Damges' Glenn Close waves to the crowd as she walks the carpet.  

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Desperate Housewives' Teri Hatcher is bright and beautiful in this bold yellow gown.

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Brooke Shields gown looks like something straight from Lipstick Jungle. And the color is something straight from the lipstick aisle.
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Vanessa Williams clearly stole some fabric from West Elm (ok, maybe IKEA) for this graphic mess of a dress.
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It's always nice to see The Office's Jenna Fischer in non-Pam getup. We just wish she was in something a little more dazzling than this chiffon gown.
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Private Practice's Kate Walsh is back in black.

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Mary-Louise Parker totally pulls off this cerulean blue gown - however, the diamond straps are a little too '80s for it to be a "hit it out of the park" gown.
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Anyone else in this color gown might blend in with the Emmy statue in the background. But Law Order SVU's Mariska Hargitay always stands out.
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Christina Applegate looks amazing given her recent surgery for breast cancer. The dress is a bit much but she glows in it. Bravo, Christina!
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Josh Groban and Kathy Griffin pose while looking as confused as we are at this pairing. Guess we've found this year's odd couple!
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Tina Fey (sans glasses) rocks this strapless navy number. It 30 Rock-s!

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Heidi Klum stepped off the Runway for her shared Emmy-hosting gig. And, of course, she looked amazing in this elegant gown.
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Grey's Anatomy Sandra Oh stops for the photogs in this ruffled black gown.

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House's Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) was pretty unlucky to end up in this unflattering silver number.

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Rainn Wilson throws a quick smile to the cameras as he walks the red carpet. We miss his Dwight Schrute glasses.
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New mother Kathleen Robertson was glowing in the simple, elegant gown.

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The Starter Wife's Debra Messing is stunning in this strapless, ruffled black number.

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House's Lisa Edelstein was one of several working the carpet in a black and white gown.

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Bones' David Boreanaz and wife Jaime Bergman make a perfect red-carpet pair.

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America Ferrera is no Ugly Betty, and she proved it again. Though, her gown should have been a bit longer.
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Nicollette Sheridan looks like a crimped eggplant in this frilly strapless number. The color is actually gorgeous... maybe it's the gold hair and spray tan that's throwing us off.
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The Office's Melora Hardin looks sassy in this bold red gown that beckons the days of Old Hollywood. Well played.
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We're not completely digging Chandra Wilson's look, but we wouldn't dare go into detail with our complaints. Nobody messes with Bailey!
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Cynthia Nixon, who won an Emmy for her guest stint on Law Order: SVU, looks svelte and lovely in her Tiffany-blue gown. The neckline could be more flattering, but the color keeps her out of our snark radar.
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Alan Cumming looks very... confused. Part golfer, part hipster, part track runner, this outfit is a hot mess.
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Angela Kinsey looks great, showing off her post-baby body in a dark forest green dress. It's a good color for her, but the dress itself is nothing special.
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Lauren Conrad plays it safe with a black, flowing empire-waist gown with a diamond broach. Her hair could be more exciting, but overall, she looks tasteful (Unlike her show. Ooh, snap!).
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The Office's Kate Flannery and her red locks give the carpet a run for its money.

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Dexter's Julie Benz looks killer in this elegant, dazzling purple gown.

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Steve Carell and his wife Nancy Walls pause for a photo. Are they the perfect couple or what

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Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines kept it simple in this white number.

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Lee Majors and wife Faith make a charming couple on the red carpet.

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Padma Lakshmi should stick to cooking because this beauty manages to look awkward and lumpy in this gold beaded sheath.
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How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka look legen - wait for it - dary.
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Eva Longoria Parker raided a shabby chic store to find this bow-tastic messy flapper number. The short hair is different and interesting on her, though.
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Lost's Daniel Dae Kim and wife Mia Kim are understated and elegant on the red carpet. Could we please clone him for his bone structure alone
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Mad Men's Christina Hendricks is va-va-voom in this busty emerald green stunner. Work those curves, girl!
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Laura Dern. Oh, Laura Dern... what the heck are you wearing The neckline is so last season and the dress doesn't do anything for her Amazonian height. Love the raspberry color, though.
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Holy hair extensions, Batman! Kristin Chenoweth's hair does look lovely at this length, but her dress is boring with a capital "B."
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Kyra Sedgwick has an amazing figure and looks great in this dress. Too bad we're so distracted by the evil, jagged sequin monsters that are trying to eat her boobs to remember how great she looks.
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Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss proves she can show a little more skin than Peggy. She looks fabulous in the shimmery gown.
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Evangeline Lilly's love triangle on Lost must have inspired the pattern for this gown. Either way, this hottie rocks it.
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Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere looks super in this sexy black number.

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Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell is dressed in a strapless gown that looks more like a suit of armor.

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Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna take a break from interviewing the celebs and do a little goofy mugging for the camera.