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Detective in the House

An engineer confronts his midlife crisis by deciding to become a private eye. The fact that he has no particular knack for detective work gave the series a lighthearted element, but this was no 'Moonlighting'---which had premiered on ABC two weeks earlier---and it was gone in little more than a month.
1985 Drama, Suspense, Other

The American Girls

The adventures of two attractive reporters working for a New York City-based TV newsmagazine as they travel around the country researching assignments form the basis of this short-lived 'Charlie's Angels'-like drama.
1978 Drama

Blind Ambition

1 Season
An eight-hour miniseries reconstructing the Watergate cover-up, based on the memoirs of former White House counsel John W. Dean III and his wife, Maureen. For Martin Sheen, who played Dean, it was the second of his four TV trips to the White House: He was Robert Kennedy in the 1974 TV-movie 'The Missiles of October,' and went on to play JFK in the 1983 miniseries 'Kennedy,' before taking on the role of President Bartlet in 'The West Wing' in 1999.
2013 Drama, Other

The Trials of O'Brien

A high-priced lawyer's devotion to his clients contrasts with his chaotic personal life, a tangle of financial and romantic problems. Despite compelling scripts and top-notch guests stars (including Gene Hackman, Alan Alda, Faye Dunaway and Frank Langella), this law series never clicked. But in two years, Peter Falk traded O'Brien's designer suits for a ratty trench coat and landed the role of his career---Columbo.
1965 Drama

Kay O'Brien

A second-year surgical resident deals with patients and staff at a Manhattan hospital.
1986 Drama, Other

Houston Knights

Tough Chicago cop Joey La Fiamma is the new transfer on the Houston force, partnered with the seasoned Levon Lundy. Their approaches to law enforcement couldn't be more different, but they're both dedicated to watching each other's back.
1987 Drama

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