Michael Vartan Michael Vartan

Another medical drama, you say? Michael Vartan promises that TNT's HawthoRNe (premiering Tuesday at 9 pm/ET) offers something different.

"There are a lot of medical series out there," the Alias alum acknowledges in his TVGuide.com video Q&A. "But never has one told the story from the nurses' perspective."

TNT's new drama stars Jada Pinkett Smith as chief nurse Christina Hawthorne and Vartan as Tom Wakefield, the chief of surgery with whom she will butt heads, again and again. Vartan, though, couldn't ask for a livelier scene partner.

"She's amazing," he raves of Pinkett Smith, who also serves as an executive producer. "I really trust her creative vision."

Also in this on-camera sit-down:

• Vartan gives us the skinny on how Dr. Wakefield is, in some ways, very similar to himself.

• What's the dynamic between Wakefield and Hawthorne, and might it ever evolve into romantic sparks? (As Vartan puts it, "Look, it's TV — at some point that's got to happen.")

• In discussing the prospect of J.J. Abrams ever rebooting Alias for the big screen, Vartan makes a confession about his grasp of the sci-fi series.