We pick up the action mere weeks after 1993's dysfunctional Thanksgiving. The Reunion crew is ringing in 1994 with Duran Duran

's "Come Undone" playing over the speakers. I get it. These characters are coming undone right before our very eyes. Craig's dealing with the chick he had the affair with. Yup, Rachel Ho... I mean Scofield is threatening to out their liaison just when he's trying to become an ass-emblyman. The girl looks like she can go from zero to Fatal Attraction in about three seconds and then has the nerve to think Captain MajorHottie would take her seriously in those present-day scenes. And how did they make her look older? They pulled her hair back in a sophisticated style with some sort of chopstick doohickey thing and dyed it darker. Whateva. And someone ran down MajorHottie. Think we'll find out whodunit? Something tells me no. That something is the cancellation bell that sounded weeks ago.

Aaron and Carla continue to have timing "issues." Very frustrating, especially since I don't know if I'm onboard with these two coupling up in the first place. But come on, it got très stupide when Carla basically broke up with that hottie 7th Heaven alum just in time to have Aaron throw an anvil on her head with a "Yeah... you remember Pasquale? We got back together. And she's preggers." Mon dieu! Meanwhile, Sam goes into Hillary Clinton mode and publicly supports her political-minded hubby. But Sam also kept telling Will, "Next year's going to be your year. I can feel it." Sam, will you please stop? All you have to do is look into Will's eyes and see his heart aching from loneliness and from wanting her. And you know what? That breaks my heart. Oh, and one more thing: Just say no to bad O.J. jokes.