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Love Island USA Recap: Let's Not Pretend Yoga Is Hard for These Instagram Models

Plus: An OG couple leaves the island

Dalene Rovenstine

Each week, TV Guide is recapping CBS's Love Island USA -- the U.S. take on the U.K. reality show phenomenon. Join us as we break down all the drama between these sexy humans who "packed more abs than shirts" for Fiji, and check back every night for the latest updates.

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The fallout from America's tweets is ... honestly not that intense. Caro talks to Yamen about how she doesn't want him to be a player with Aissata. And then Weston talks with Zac about how he shouldn't get so wrapped up in Elizabeth because "if that thing drops" he won't have anything, and Yamen and Cashel back Weston up. Then the girls talk to Alexandra about how she should think seriously on Dylan's quote of being open to meeting other people. She's fine with it, but her friends aren't, so she starts crying. She later tells Dylan she just feels pressured by everyone else. He nods.

The "game" tonight is couples yoga. They act as if it's hard, but we've seen their bodies and how much they exercise -- they have no problem twisting and turning into awkward poses.

Kelsey and Weston get to go on their first date. It's a spa date... super relaxing, which means I fell asleep through it.

Finally, Arielle shows up to let the islanders know how America voted. The bottom three couples are Yamen and Aissata, Eric and Kyra, and Cashel and Katrina. The rest of the couples have to decide who they will oust. It's a unanimous vote for Katrina and Cashel, who really aren't a couple. Saying goodbye, they all sob while Eric just stands there and stares off into space.

After Cashel leaves, Kyra cries about how he was there for her "through the freaking start," which -- as a reminder -- was less than three weeks ago. Let's all raise a glass to the music producer who chose "Sign of the Times" for that outro. A+

Love Island

Love Island

Colin Young-Wolff, CBS


Everyone is safe -- for a minute. Dylan gets a text right as the episode starts announcing that this evening there will be a recoupling, and it's in the girls' hands ... more specifically in Katrina's and Kyra's hands. Katrina is considering saving Winston or Cashel, as a friend. But Kyra hasn't fully committed to Eric, which means she could still pick Cash.

But at the recoupling ceremony, there aren't any surprises. Alexandra picks Dylan; Aissata picks Yamen; Elizabeth picks (shocker!) Zac; Caro picks Ray; Kelsey picks Weston; Kyra chooses Eric; and Katrina decides to save ... Cashel. Hopefully Winston can get to the airport quick enough to catch up with Marli.

Despite Kyra choosing Eric, Cashel doesn't believe it's over between them -- but he's not going to be putting his energy into that. Eric, on the other hand, is definitely putting his energy into that. He goes straight to calling Kyra "Babe" in about two seconds.

The Hideaway opens that night, and the islanders unanimously pick Zac and Elizabeth to go. They're cute... but also a little boring. They later learn this is what America thinks of them in the game of the night, Social Bingo, where they hear real-life tweets about each other. The villa suddenly jumps on the Zac and Elizabeth are boring train. And then the guys decide that he used to be more fun and he's not experiencing Love Island enough.

Will America vote them out tomorrow night? Not a chance. (Right??)

​Love Island

Love Island



Sooo did Eric stir the pot? Why, yes, I think he did. Wednesday's episode of Love Island USA is basically the Kyra and Eric Show. Kyra explains what happened with Eric to Caro, who isn't sure if she should back off or not. Later, in bed, she tells Cashel what happened. He acts as if he doesn't care--but I don't buy it. And neither does Kyra. The next day she tells Elizabeth and Alexandra how he "popped off" when she tried to discuss it with him. Her friends try and talk her out of going for Eric because he's "smooth" and they're wary of him.

Kyra and Cashel try to talk about where they stand, and the conversation is both awkward and aggressive. Kyra visits with Eric next; she straight up tells him that the other girls think he has a douchey vibe. But she likes it! He says this isn't a game--he's just living in the now.

Today's game is Kiss and Tell, where the girls kiss the guys while they are blindfolded. The guys must rate them. Then they swap. Notably, Weston and Kelsey give each other 10s. The best kissers in the villa are Kyra and George. Kissing champs! After, Eric gives Kyra sexy eyes and says he knew which one was her -- and that it "needed to happen."

The next day Zac gets a text: He and Elizabeth are going on their first date! They're adorable--and I'd just like to point out that I totally predicted that he was the second coming of Grocery Store Joe.

Back at the villa, Arielle is ready to shake up things even more than Eric. She tells the islanders that we, the public, have been voting for who should stay in the villa. Apparently, we selected Kelsey and Eric. (Based on the edits, I think we made the decision the producers were gunning for.)

Of the remaining four, only two will leave the island. The islanders get to vote. After a combo of heartfelt and mediocre speeches, the women choose to save Ray and the men save Aissata. That means that Marli and George must leave the island, and after tomorrow night's recoupling, another man will be joining them out the door.

Love Island USA Season 1, Episode 12

Arielle Vandenberg, Chelsea Chiu, Aissata Diallo, Kelsey Jurewicz, Eric Hall, Ray Gantt, and George Johnson, Love Island

Colin Young-Wolff, CBS Entertainment


If you thought the new guests would cause a little bit of shyness in the villa, you were quite wrong. The newbies have no reservations about settling right into scandalous games. The whole house plays sexy Jenga, which leads to Cashel kissing Kelsey (and Kyra getting jealous), and Aissata announcing she's celibate. I truly hope someone explained this show to her before she flew to Fiji...

With heart eyes for Kelsey, Weston keeps talking about how solid he is for Katrina. But he doesn't talk to Katrina about that right away. So it gets a little awkward when the three new women get to ask the man of their choosing on a date and Kelsey asks Weston. Later, Kelsey pulls Katrina aside to talk about girl code, and Katrina says if they have a connection it's No Big Deal (even though it clearly is). But maybe she won't care too much because Ray picked her for his one-on-one date -- and they do seem to bond over the fact that they both want a big family.

The other dates are George picking Aissata, Eric choosing Caro, Marli picking Winston, and Aissata choosing Yamen. Caro finds out from Yamen that Eric originally wanted to choose Kyra, but he wasn't sure what her status with Cashel was. And I'm not sure Cashel and Kyra know what their status is.

But that doesn't stop Eric from singling her out at the villa later! He finds Kyra and tells her that he's 100 percent feeling her, but she needs to make the move because he's not wasting his time on Love Island. "I'm a hunter," he says. "I go after what I want." Kyra doesn't know how she feels about him, but she appreciates how bold he is... even though she thinks he might just be coming to stir the pot -- which I am here for.

America, please cast your vote for him. We need this shakeup in Love Island. Please.

Love Island​

Love Island

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment


Congratulations! You made it to week 3 of this reality experiment that is Love Island USA. And to thank us for our dedication, CBS is treating us to six new sexy singles to shake up the villa.

Following Friday night's sudden dumping of Christen and Cormac, Kyra has decided she can't waste time anymore. She sits Cashel down and tells him she doesn't think they "click in all the ways." He gets it -- but he's not happy.

Someone who is happy, though, is Elizabeth. She's positively gleeful when Zac finally asks her if she'll be his girlfriend. I hate how much I love these two.

But they won't be able to celebrate their official status together for long because the women are spending the day outside the villa. They chat over cocktails before three beautiful men join them to mingle. We meet Ray, who is 23 and from Jersey; Eric, who is 28 and from Toronto and says friends call him a player (red flag!!); and George, an old man at 30 who is from California.

Back at the villa, right after the guys attempt a push-up stack, three new ladies walk in. We meet Kelsey, a 25-year-old from Delaware who's never been in love; Marli, who is 20 and from Miami and not quite sure if she has eyes for Winston or Weston; and Aissata, who is 26 and from the Bronx.

The only notable development from these new singles so far is that Weston spends a long time with Kelsey. In fact, Cashel tells Caro, who tells Katrina, that they spend an hour and a half chatting. That makes Katrina slightly jealous, which is what Cashel was hoping to do with Kelsey as well (make Kyra jealous).

Will it work? Stay tuned! Kyra says she has a tendency to run away and then wanting what she gave up when it comes to men, and it seems that the "wanting what she gave up" part is in full swing. As Alexandra said, expect a couple of "switcheroos" coming.

We'll update the recap here all week, so be sure to come back Tuesday when we learn just how big these waves are that the new arrivals are making.

​Love Island

Love Island


Love Island USA airs week nights at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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