While on summer hiatus from Will &#038 Grace, Megan Mullally — who plays tart-tongued Manhattanite Karen Walker — has left behind the trappings of not-so-polite society. Especially her rich witch character's high-pitched voice.

"It's really very grating isn't it?" she grins. "It does not befit a wealthy resident of the Upper East Side. You'd think Karen would take some of her money and get it surgically altered or something."

Of course, her less than dulcet tones are hardly Karen's worst flaw — she mainly lives to dress down and rank out everyone in her path. In fact, Mullally's a bit concerned about fan response to her alter ego's cutting commentary. "A lot of people come up to me and say, 'Oh god, I'm just like Karen, that's what they [tell me] at the office,'" she laughs. "I'm like, 'You know what? The people in your office may not be giving you a compliment. You may be getting fired soon.'"

The sassy actress is currently shooting Uncle, a comedy directed by The Kids In The Hall's Bruce McCulloch due out next Spring. Previews Mullally: "It's about a hapless Everyman played by Jason Lee, who is madly in love with this girl, but she won't marry him until they've saved $30,000 to put a down payment on a house. And so he finally saves it, and then finds out that his niece — that's Tammy Blanchard from [Me and My Shadows: Life With Judy Garland] — has gotten into college and she needs that much to be able to go. He's really torn, and so on the ill advice of Tom Green, he gets involved in ridiculous escapades in order to raise the money."

Will &#038 Grace fans may be shocked to see Karen's portrayer — who plays Lee's sister and Blanchard's mama in the film — existing in reduced circumstances. "My character lives in a trailer park, actually," says Mullally. "So it's totally different." Hmm... sounds like the sort of tacky trash Karen wouldn't condescend to mix with. "Who knows?" she grins. "Karen would probably love her because she's pretty ballsy."