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50 Awesome Gifts Every TV Fan Can Get for Under $25 on Amazon

Buy for the TV fanatic on your list without breaking the bank.

1 of 50 HBO/Wild Bobby via Amazon.com

Game of Thrones

If you're searching for low-cost last-minute gifts, look no further! This list is full of ideas for the TV fans on your list.

Like this sweater that, much like Jon Snow, is almost too pretty for an ugly sweater party.

Buy on Amazon.

2 of 50 NBC/Official NBCUniversal StoreAmazon.com

The Good Place

What the fork? This tote bag is perfect for the shoppin', Good Place-lovin' person on your list.

Buy on Amazon.

3 of 50 Netflix/Funko via Amazon.com

Jessica Jones

Cute Funko face, same rad jeans.

Buy on Amazon.

4 of 50 VH1/Simon & Schuster

RuPaul's Drag Race

If your friend can't love this RuPaul's Drag Race paper doll book, how in the hell are they gonna love the rest of their gifts? Can we get an amen?

Buy on Amazon.

5 of 50 FX/12.99 Prime Tees via Amazon.com

American Horror Story

American Horror Story fans can sport this shirt any day of the week.

Buy on Amazon.

6 of 50 Netflix/mainstreet247 via Amazon.com

13 Reasons Why

Looking for a gift that's sorta vintage and very heartfelt for the 13 Reasons Why fan in your life? This cassette pendant is just right.

Buy on Amazon.

7 of 50 BBC/PigglyToyVille via Amazon.com

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans will love this sonic screwdriver. While other iterations meet our less-than $25 mark, this particular version, updated for Season 11, starts at $29.95.

Buy on Amazon.

8 of 50 HBO/A Perigee Book/Penguin Group

Big Little Lies

Give the book that kicked off this award-winning mini-series.

Buy on Amazon.

Or, for a bit more, get them the show's outstanding soundtrack on vinyl.

Buy on Amazon.

9 of 50 ABC/Cool TV Props via Amazon.com

Grey's Anatomy

Give your person this perfect Grey's Anatomy mug.

Buy on Amazon.

10 of 50 Syfy/Viking Press/Penguin Books

The Magicians

Check out the book this magical show is based on.

Buy on Amazon.

11 of 50 CW/C&W via Amazon.com


Liv's cracked-open cranium confections are a big part of iZombie, and this shirt celebrates that in the cutest way.

Buy on Amazon.

12 of 50 Netflix/Harry N. Abrams

BoJack Horseman

This coffee table book full of illustrations is a great gift for the BoJack fan in your life.

Buy on Amazon.

13 of 50 NBC/Official NBCUniversal Store


Pack some yummy stuff for a friend into a Cloud9 tote just like they do on Superstore.

Buy on Amazon.

14 of 50 Netflix/Penguin Classics

The Haunting of Hill House

The story is just as creepy in written form.

Buy on Amazon.

15 of 50 Pop TV/Fun Tee via Amazon.com

Schitt's Creek

This very David t-shirt comes in a variety of colors (yes, black) to suit you or your pal's fashion needs.

Buy on Amazon.

16 of 50 Amazon/5th Avenue via Amazon.com

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

"That hat is fabulous." - Midge Maisel

Buy on Amazon.

17 of 50 FX/Shep's Stuff via Amazon.com

It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia

The greatest idea of the century on a shirt? Get one for your whole gang.

Buy on Amazon.

18 of 50 Freeform/HarperCollins

The Bold Type

Give your Bumble-using pals this book by Joanna Cole, the former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief and executive producer of The Bold Type.

Buy on Amazon.

19 of 50 HBO/TOONTOY via Amazon.com


They'll feel like they're in the game with this Mariposa Saloon wallet.

Buy on Amazon.

20 of 50 Hulu/LOOKHuman

The Handmaid's Tale

These socks will give the Handmaid's Tale watcher in your life the warm fuzzies, even when the show doesn't.

Buy on Amazon.

21 of 50 Netflix/yu er ding via Amazon.com

Stranger Things

Warning: This phone cover will NOT allow reception from the Upside Down.

Buy on Amazon.

22 of 50 The CW/TVMovieGifts


This Jughead beanie is perfect for those cold nights spent hunting the Gargoyle King.

Buy on Amazon.

23 of 50 ABC/Kingswell


Bow has the parenting thing down... mostly. Sharing the wealth with this book of her tips.

Buy on Amazon.

24 of 50 Netflix/Poster House

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Grab this poster for the CAOS fan on your list, or for your cat. We won't judge.

Buy on Amazon.

25 of 50 Fox/UmaAura via Amazon.com

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fans revived this comedy show when Fox let it go, so it's only right to congratulate them with this awesome shirt.

Buy on Amazon.

26 of 50 Netflix/Simon & Schuster


This is a great gift for anyone still trying to figure out that finale episode. (Hint: That's everyone.)

Buy on Amazon.

27 of 50 Netflix/FerociTees

Queer Eye

Tan might not completely approve, but you still need to get this tank for your favorite Queer Eye fan, henny.

Buy on Amazon.

28 of 50 CBS All Access/Titan Books

Star Trek: Discovery

Give this coffee table book full of behind-the-scenes goodies to the Trekkie in your life.

Buy on Amazon.

29 of 50 HBO/Simon & Schuster


Know someone who can't get enough of Insecure? Make sure they have this compilation of life-inspired short stories from creator Issa Rae.

Buy on Amazon.

30 of 50 TNT/Leon Chan via Amazon.com


Any fan of Claws knows they must keep those nails looking right.

Buy on Amazon.

31 of 50 E!/Funny Humorous Sarcastic Tees via Amazon.com

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Pump up (or troll) your bestie with this shirt featuring Kris Jenner's iconic line.

Buy on Amazon.

32 of 50 Netflix/John Blake

The Crown

Your friend who is obsessed with The Crown and royals in general will love this fun book full of surprising, humorous facts.

Buy on Amazon.

33 of 50 Comedy Central/BeeGeeTees2 via Amazon.com

Nathan For You

This is for that bud who's bummed that they missed out on the Dumb Starbucks frenzy.

Buy on Amazon.

34 of 50 BBC/Penguin UK

The Great British Bakeoff

Nadiya's cookbook is just the right gift for your friend who loves making yummy treats.

Buy on Amazon.

35 of 50 Bravo/Saturday Morning Shop

Real Housewives of New York City

Give the Housewives lover on your list this prayer candle of Sonja Morgan: the patron saint of caburlesque.

Buy on Amazon.

36 of 50 HBO/Land Rus


The leader we need on the mug you need to gift.

Buy on Amazon.

37 of 50 Comedy Central/Hyp

Rick and Morty

Keep your fave Rick and Morty fan's feet cozy with these corny socks.

Buy on Amazon.

38 of 50 Netflix/Lashapear


Help your friend who is addicted to GLOW with their Liberty Bell impression by gifting this unitard.

Buy on Amazon.

39 of 50 Netflix/SAYOMEN

Black Mirror

Get the romantic techie in your life a mug from one of Black Mirror's most popular episodes, "San Junipero."

Buy on Amazon.

40 of 50 Netflix/Puget Posters via Amazon.com

Dear White People

Got a student on your list? This Dear White People poster is perfect dorm room decor.

Buy on Amazon.

41 of 50 The CW/Crazy Ex Girlfriend via Amazon.com

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Whether they prefer Wetzel's Pretzels or Auntie Annie's, this shirt is a fab gift for lovers of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and salty snacks.

Buy on Amazon.

42 of 50 The CW/Simon & Schuster

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin lovers can read Jane Gloriana Villanueva's first novel while they ponder whether she'll choose Michael or Rafael.

Buy on Amazon.

43 of 50 Fox/Universe

Bob's Burgers

Got a chef buddy who's obsessed with puns? This cookbook will guide them through making Bob's burgers, such as the Silentil Night burger or the Eggers Can't Be Cheesers burger (with egg and cheese, naturally).

Buy on Amazon.

44 of 50 NBC/Cheeky Apparel

This Is Us

They'll be part of the Pearson family when they unwrap this Three Homes t-shirt.

Buy on Amazon.

45 of 50 HBO/Broadway Books

Sharp Objects

Gift (or read yourself) the Gillian Flynn-penned book that inspired the series.

Buy on Amazon.

46 of 50 Netflix/Trinkets & Novelty

Orange is the New Black

Got a friend you'd throw pie for? Keep your dessert and gift this instead.

Buy on Amazon.

47 of 50 Starz/Delacorte Press


Help them explore Scottish cuisine with this yummy accompaniment to the Starz series.

Buy on Amazon.

48 of 50 AMC/FunKo via Amazon.com

The Walking Dead

Negan seems much less menacing as this totally gift-able Funko.

Buy on Amazon.

49 of 50 BBC America/Mulholland Books/Amazon.com

Killing Eve

Killing Eve viewers will love getting their hands on the first title in the two-book series the show is based on.

Buy on Amazon.

50 of 50 FX/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


Season 3 of the highly re-watchable FX show is a great gift for any Fargo fan.

Buy on Amazon.