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Hill Street Blues Season 7 Episodes

22 Episodes 1986 - 1987

Episode 1


Thu, Oct 2, 1986 60 mins

A plane crashes on the Hill and its cargo of cocaine is stolen by a three-time loser (Jack Kehler); tainted aspirin is found on the shelves of a local store; Belker (Bruce Weitz) uncovers a hotel running a welfare scam. Joyce: Veronica Hamel. LaRue: Kiel Martin. Buntz: Dennis Franz. Corea: Alex Colon.

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Episode 2

A Case of Klapp

Thu, Oct 9, 1986 60 mins

The public defenders contemplate a strike; Howard shoots a suspect with a pistol not approved for departmental use; Jablonski (Robert Prosky) resists seeing a doctor about bypass surgery. LaRue: Kiel Martin. Washington: Taurean Blacque. Howard: James B. Sikking. Joyce: Veronica Hamel.

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Episode 3

The Best Defense

Thu, Oct 16, 1986 60 mins

Howard is demoted; Joyce tries to mediate between the public defenders and city council; the murder suspect Belker arrests will deal only with Joyce; Buntz and Henry pursue a felon inadvertently released. Patrick Flaherty: Robert Clohessy. Tina Russo: Megan Gallagher. Joyce: Veronica Hamel. Belker: Bruce Weitz.

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Episode 4

Bald Ambitions

Thu, Oct 30, 1986 60 mins

Furillo must look into rumors of internal racial problems; Bernstein (George Wyner) makes a startling confession to Joyce (Veronica Hamel); Internal Affairs thinks Buntz is burglarizing the homes of people he arrests. Ray: Rene Enriquez. Buntz: Dennis Franz. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 5

I Come on My Knees

Thu, Nov 6, 1986 60 mins

Ray loses his command and wants to tell the press; someone steals Renko's beat-up car; Buntz and Flaherty fight about problems they had at their old precinct; an officer jumps the gun and blows an arrest. Sanders: James Keane. Renko: Charles Haid. Kampstein: Jack Rader. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 6

Say Uncle

Thu, Nov 13, 1986 60 mins

The Blues protect a jail-bound mobster who may be on a hit list; LaRue (Kiel Martin) thinks he'll be a hero for taking the confession of a suspected mass murderer; Henry (Joe Spano) discusses his friend's death on TV. John Petruzzi: Al Ruscio. Donatelli: Joey Aresco. Max Emily: Jake Dengel. Ray: Rene Enriquez.

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Episode 7

Amazing Grace

Thu, Nov 27, 1986 60 mins

A councilman wants Furillo to crack down on drugs; Grace Gardner (Barbara Babcock) resurfaces as a nun who wants to open a youth center; Buntz discovers that loan sharks bite. Dot Walker: Anne Curry. Parker Jones: Phill Lewis. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 8

Falling From Grace

Tue, Dec 2, 1986 60 mins

Councilman Wade claims he shot the drug dealer in self-defense; Sister Chastity (Barbara Babcock) finds Flaherty a source of temptation; Buntz is anxious to collar the loan shark who chopped off his fingertip. Robin Mars: David Wohl. Sid: Peter Jurasik. Belker: Bruce Weitz. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 9

Fathers and Guns

Tue, Dec 9, 1986 60 mins

Furillo learns that his father's been shot---and it wasn't an accident; LaRue takes revenge on a restaurateur who had his car towed; a dream prompts Belker (Bruce Weitz) to call the White House. Anna Furillo: Penny Santon. Joe Furillo: Michael Durrell. Patterson: Robin Gammell. LaRue: Kiel Martin.

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Episode 10

More Skinned Against Than Skinning

Tue, Dec 23, 1986 60 mins

Black cops get suspicious when a racist officer kills his black partner and Washington (Taurean Blacque) is pulled off the case; a grocer displays Nazi souvenirs to scare off thieves; Buntz helps Belker on an undercover job. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti. Mason: James McDaniel. Hill: Michael Warren. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 11

She's So Fein

Tue, Jan 6, 1987 60 mins

A client who thinks Joyce blew a deal takes her hostage; Belker has an accident driving a car with LaRue's brother-in-law (Louis Giambalvo); a new lawyer (Gela Jacobson) asks Washington out. Joyce: Veronica Hamel. Belker: Bruce Weitz. Washington: Taurean Blacque. Belker: Bruce Weitz.

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Episode 12

A Wasted Weekend

Tue, Jan 13, 1987 60 mins

Jablonski organizes a hunting trip that's ill-fated---especially for Henry (Joe Spano), who's kidnapped; Buntz (Dennis Franz) helps a cop deal with his first shooting. Kidnapper: Mark Arnott. Hill: Michael Warren. Renko: Charles Haid. Bates: Betty Thomas. Script by Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet.

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Episode 13

City of Refuse

Tue, Jan 20, 1987 60 mins

A trash strike hits the Hill; Howard rejoins the SWAT team; substitute garbageman Hill (Michael Warren) trashes a funeral procession for a drug kingpin; LaRue and Washington find a technician to expedite work on a coke sample. Sloan: Moses Gunn. Ballantine: Gary Miller. Sid: Peter Jurasik. Howard: James B. Sikking. LaRue: Kiel Martin.

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Episode 14

Der Roachenkavalier

Tue, Feb 3, 1987 60 mins

Henry is labeled subversive after criticizing a department policy that freed a felon who then killed three persons; Buntz follows up a rumor that Joyce is cheating on Frank; Belker sniffs out a purse-snatching dog. Rivera: Jorge Gil. LaRue: Kiel Martin. Buntz: Dennis Franz. Dot Walker: Anne Curry. Joyce: Veronica Hamel.

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Episode 15

Norman Conquest

Tue, Feb 10, 1987 60 mins

Buntz assumes command for a day; Belker busts a street urchin (Bobby Jacoby) who seems familiar; Renko reclaims his stolen motorcycle; Henry bristles at the promotion interviews when he thinks a minority candidate is getting preferential consideration. Lori Tuttle: Gracie Harrison. Carmelo: Bernie White. Raymond: David Selburg. Renko: Charles Haid.

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Episode 16

Sorry Wrong Number

Tue, Mar 3, 1987 60 mins

After a family is murdered, Henry uses a kid he's trying to help to get information from a gang leader; Flaherty is troubled by a woman who keeps running back to her gigolo; Renko runs afoul of a man selling urine samples. Williams: Keith Amos. Ronnie: Joe Grifasi. Sylvia: Micole Mercurio. Renko: Charles Haid.

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Episode 17

The Cookie Crumbles

Tue, Mar 10, 1987 60 mins

Former captain Ray Calletano sues the department after an accidental shooting; Flaherty and Russo's flirting at work causes a problem for Bates (Betty Thomas); LaRue hits on a squad of cheerleaders. McBride: Lindsay Crouse. Alfred: Keith Amos. Daniels: Jon Cypher. Renko: Charles Haid. LaRue: Kiel Martin.

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Episode 18

Dogbreath Afternoon

Tue, Mar 17, 1987 60 mins

Buntz roughs up a snitch to get a lead in the shooting of a Hill Street cop; Renko's "other woman" turns out to be a prostitute with blackmail on her mind; Howard frets over a surprise meeting with the review board. Dolores: Linda Hart. Lee: John Idakitis. Daryl Ann: Debi Richter. Renko: Charles Haid.

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Episode 19

Days of Swine and Roses

Tue, Mar 31, 1987 60 mins

Washington takes an interest in the release of an abusive man (Don Cheadle); Hill and Renko test-drive a computerized squad car; the husband (Tim Russ) of a pregnant woman taken hostage goes berserk; a radio station runs a contest for "the most outrageous act." Washington: Taurean Blacque. Daryl Ann: Debi Richter. Mrs. Milton: Beverly Todd. Hill: Michael Warren.

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Episode 20

The Runner Falls on His Kisser

Tue, Apr 7, 1987 60 mins

A pro-football player is arrested for patronizing a prostitute; LaRue persuades Buntz to compete in a marksmanship contest; Furillo's brother (Michael Durrell) asks for a loan to bail out his business; Howard is declared a missing person. Kiel Martin. Cataldo: Marshall Bell. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 21

A Pound of Flesh

Tue, May 5, 1987 60 mins

A gang war erupts when Jesus's sister is seen getting into a rival's car; LaRue has a new outlook on life after facing death---three times; Howard is rescued after being trapped in a cave-in. Grace: Barbara Babcock. Jesus: Trinidad Silva. Howard: James B. Sikking. LaRue: Kiel Martin.

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Episode 22

It Ain't Over 'til It's Over

Tue, May 12, 1987 60 mins

A fire guts the house; Furillo conducts a separate investigation into Buntz's alleged cocaine theft; Henry works with an odd detective (Steven Keats) to nab a serial killer; LaRue knows a back way into a gangster's vault that a reporter (Charles Brill) hopes to open on TV. Daniel J. Travanti, Dennis Franz, Joe Spano. LaRue: Kiel Martin.

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